Nightbus thread

The only other passenger is telling the driver that there are so many cars at this time

They have adopted a sleeping position

Would you agree there are so many cars

doesn’t exist sadly


They caught me looking at them and looked concerned, not cool

From me

She has asked the driver if walking is faster. The driver said no.

There is a lot of traffic for this part of the city

The driver just let someone on at the traffic lights even though this isn’t a stop, what a maverick


London needs more bus lanes

I guess no other form of transport would be faster

Lots of places have 20mph limit now

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Some guy just got on, but it was the wrong bus


Another guy got on, sat down and now his head is between his legs, I hope he’s ok

Now we’re moving

The announcements of each stop are so handy. How did people use buses in the olden days? Wild.

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A couple got on, they look like they ran for it

I started this thread thinking this was going to be a more interesting journey than it is

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People drive on the left here


The dancer asked if this was her stop, it was not