You’re using some system and you accidentally sort all the columns by something and you don’t know what they were previously sorted by and there’s no undo option. Nightmare.

Kill Jester


mega drive?

And then your soul is torn apart by devil vultures.


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Save the file as something else and reopen the original, to work out the old order

“Simon, shift cells to your left”

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CTRL+z / cmd+z

What if it’s not a file Avery? NOT EVERYTHING IS A FILE.

Well where on earth did the data come from and how did you manage to fuck it right up so very much?

Could be a music library, could be I accidentally click column headings sometimes. The important thing to note is that it qualifies as a nightmare.

If there’s no way of reopening a copy elsewhere, might i refer you to my initial post in this thread, for assistance?

You may, and it has been noted, thank you

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Is it Rekordbox? I have no useful information to offer if so, just my sympathies.

It has happened on rekordbox before, yeah. Might actually read some kind of manual for rekordbox at some point, feel like I’m probably not using a lot of what it can do.