Nights out in the USA

Wondering if any of the well-travelled DiSers have any insight into nights out in America? More specifically I’m going to a club on Halloween in Las Vegas and it’s $50 just to get in so I’m wondering if I need to re-mortgage my house to be able to cover a reasonable night’s worth of booze

mate have you gone mad? yeah, you’re gonna get ripped off big time.


i can vaguely see the semblance of the point you’re trying to make :sweat_smile:

can’t really get out of it just trying to soften the blow in advance / ascertain whether it’s worth putting half of my belongings on eBay

down a whole bunch of booze before you go in but so that it hasn’t kicked in yet when you past the bouncers

then drink PBR all night

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The fact it’s Las Vegas makes a big difference; a lot of US states only serve alcohol until 2am, whereas Nevada serves all night. My advice would be to sell a kidney to both pay for and limit the amount you can drink.

I will start the bidding at £5.


What’s your costume?

Going down to a dead man’s town
The first kick I took was a charge of £50
Etc etc
Nights out in the USA!

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i’m waiting to confirm how relaxed the strict dress code is on Halloween before I turn up dressed as Scream or something because the only thing worse than getting ripped off inside the club would be getting turned away whilst in fancy dress

the club features two swimming pools and the following disclaimer:
“If you remove your shoes you will immediately be escorted out of the venue”

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Sexy scream guy outfit should get you in most places

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Don’t the Americans go nuts for Halloween / fancy dress? I guess it depends on whether it’s a ‘cool’ club or not.

Slutty Scream (P)Sycho :ok_hand:

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unfortunately i think it’s quite a ‘cool’ club, they even specify that upscale attire is required which makes the counterfeit versace shirt i got given for secret santa once quite a handy acquisition

actually thinking Juggalo / Insane Clown Posse fancy dress which would make this a perfect pseudonym

The US is huge and a list of places to go is endless.

Places to avoid start with Vegas. It’s shit.

Why would you want to go to such a club? Go to the Double Down Saloon instead where the beers are cheap and the punters know how to have fun.

there for 2 nights so that might be a perfect juxtaposition

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Last time I was there I saw Nobunny and The Okmoniks. Fucking amazing. The bar’s slogan is “Shut up and drink.” What more do you need?

Checked out the website and they had me by the time I got to Ass Juice

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$4 or two for $9 is the kind of nonsensical budget boozing i can get behind