NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread

I like the Late Night Tales compilations a lot. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of shite amongst them, but the good ones are really, really fucking good - Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, etc.

I really love the concept of late night playlists. I generally listen to music late at night. There’s something great about listening to music when people aren’t knocking about and you’re shattered.

Obviously whenever anyone has an idea people lose interest pretty quickly, but i think a fortnightly series could be cool, with one DiSer picking their selection of tracks (maybe 10-15, 45-75 minutes, but happy to go with the flow).

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On Spotify or just as a list?

we still doing this? been thinking up some ideas. i wanna cheer up @incandenza

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If we do it as Spotify playlists I’m happy to set up a blog or something to archive them all on.


@keith - Spotify would probably be the easiest, but however people wanted to do theirs, so long as it’s some sort of live tracklist or podcast or whatever. If people just submitted lists of songs it might not work as well.

@anon18868718 - Yeah. I’ll message a few people later today with the aim of having the first up by the end of next week. Given the amount of people potentially interested it might be better weekly.

@guntrip - Aye, this is a cool idea.


I’m in. Big fan of the series too



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probably a dumb question but i’m still getting used to instagram and can’t access it at work atm so can anyone say if you can do like a live mix or something on that? kind of like a soundcloud thing?

I’ll do it on mixcloud if you’re up for it, you don’t need an account to listen to it…

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also am i aiming for tracks with that late night mood? got some ideas, very bass heavy stuff…:thinking: sorry for the questions i just don’t wanna let the team down!

Basically what you would slap on late at night, either to wind down, or after a night out or whatever. Have a look at some of the tracklistings for the compilations


sick, right, i’m on it.

Right, i’ve PM’d the first half-a-dozen people after using a random number generator. Thought that was the best way to do it to get a steady flow of submissions. Hopefully we can do one a week.

I’ve been working on mine but suspect it will be a work in progress. Feel free to submit yours via PM whenever you like. Wanted people to have enough time to have a proper think about their picks, but at the same time don’t want to be badgering people months down the line when they might have lost interest, so i’m thinking a mixture of prompts by PM and ad-hoc submissions might work best maybe…

No rules, man, if someone submits twelve versions of the same 25-minute Brian Eno track we’ll just hack Sean’s super database and send the heavies round to drown them in their sleep. Whatever format you want, commentary, notes, artwork if you wish, or none of the above.


Looking forward to hearing some of these!

Why do exclamation marks make everything I type sound sarcastic!


Alright all

As Late Night Tales are still being made (apparently BadBadNotGood did one last year, which I really should check out), can I make a suggestion we call this NIGHTSHIFT?

It has DiS connotations and should keep us out of any potential legal bother.


I’m having a great time making my playlist and I think some of you will really enjoy it


Would definitely listen. I like the idea of a reasonably disciplined track/time limit - something no longer than the length of a CD. I won’t make one as I have a lot of catching up to do musically.

Definitely in.

This is so fun. Challenging too. 15 night tracks. Can’t wittle it down from 18, gonna keep at it.