NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


Definitely in.


This is so fun. Challenging too. 15 night tracks. Can’t wittle it down from 18, gonna keep at it.


I figure im making this as if i was trying to give a pal something to listen to at 2 in the morning instead of making a call or sending a dm they’d regret when sober :wink:


Top idea.


Aye, good idea.

Can someone edit the thread title?


Done, looks like I still have privileges


Number of tracks can be fluid. Mine’s got 18 as well at present.

Should be interesting, because we’ll all have slightly different tastes and we’ll all use music differently dependent on mood, etc. If i made a playlist tonight it would be different to the one i made last night.

I mean, some people might not even use music. Could be bits of spoken word, radio, general noise, commentary, poems, whatever.


Reckon it’s probably fine as long as it’s like 40-60 minutes.


18 x William Basinski drone loops


changed my vote to Definitely IN


Mine is gonna be a meditation on urban loneliness, interspersed with this


It’s so long since i made a mix. Missed that sense of “oh wow” when two completely different songs end up sequencing really well, and you see something new in them because of it. This was a great idea mate. Appreciating some tracks in fresh ways now.


forest swords already used one of the tracks i’ve selected in a mix he did! :sweat_smile:


NIGHTSHIFT #1 - @hankscorpio

I made this playlist in front of a fireplace, on a bottle of red wine and that woozy, mellow feeling after a late dinner. My late nights now are spent on the sofa rather than at a party or a club and I wanted to try and capture the same kind of curled up coziness you get in a dusky basement bar rather than the euphoric post rager comedown I would have been making five years ago. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, best enjoyed with a slight booze fuzz. Trigger warning: contains jazz


@hankscorpio this is SO good. As a jazz fiend this is perfect for a real small hours list. I got through most of it last night, headphones in the dark and a small amount of strong booze, but it got so soothing around Badbadnotgood that I had to drift off and pick it up again today.

Lots of stuff I’m gonna investigate further, in particular Wilma Archer and Nightmares on Wax, loved those two tracks. Great hearing Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday and Twin Peaks music recontextualised to make me really listen to them again.

Upright bass grooves definitely sound better at night.


Aw thanks, I’m thrilled you liked it! Find something so soothing about that noir-ish jazz that’s perfect for late nights. Thanks for listening to it :smiley:


I havent listened to much current jazz so this is cool. one thing with new jazz recording is the sound is usually great cos only the real sound nerds that have $50,000+ to spend on hi-fi systems listen to it (generalization that holds true in my experience).

Some highlights:

  • Really liked the last third of the Skalpel track. Great snare sound and those synths into the sax are v nice
  • Theme from Moonless really fits the nightshift theme… like it should be the theme song for this thread. Wish it was like 15 minutes longer so I could really let that sax and bass wash completely over me
  • That droning sub bass on Karin was enough to put me in a mild trance
  • Nightmares on Wax are perfect for late night listening, Les Nuits has been a staple on my playlists for years

good stuff @hankscorpio


yeah that skalpel track came on as i went to the shop for some tinnies last night on the way to the bonfire. smell of burning wood in the air, streetlights glowing and haloed by smoke, couldn’t resist lighting a fag to really get into the mood. perfect.


really like this


Got this lined up for some post pub train listening later. But miffed you picked a Bohren track as I was gonna do that but I can’t stay mad at anyone who picks Charlie Brown’s Theme.