NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


Sorry man, I pretty much wanted to build the playlist around a Bohren vibe!


Aye, this is great. I don’t like jazz. Never really thought about why much. Guess it’s something to do with the unpredictability, idk, i like knowing what’s coming in songs. I expect others are the opposite. That Skalpel/Bohren double-header though’s the sort of thing i can get behind. Been listening to those two on repeat late at night smirking to myself and imagining myself in some sort of New York skyscraper hotel piano bar.

The Nightmares on Wax track’s a belter as well. I know the sample but i’m going to resist Googling it just for fun. It’ll come to me in the middle of the night in about ten years.

Hope Sandoval for me’s the standout modern vocalist. That track after Strange Fruit was a real joy.


NIGHTSHIFT #2 - @ma0sm

I’m not in control, not really. Well not the part that wrote this. The part with the biggest ego. It’s the rest of it that makes things happen. I spend a lot of time on trains now. A lot of commuting, a lot of going to things. People think it must be tough, but it’s not. I enjoy it. I struggle to think usually, I struggle to keep concentration. In a train I don’t have this problem. I’m in a slightly heightened state of awareness, enough to keep my brain active, but not enough to overstimulate it. People are around me, I can’t just browse shit things on the internet, I feel their silent judgement. I want to appear like I’m an interesting person. I judge those around me, so I know they’re doing the same. I don’t want to talk to them or meet them, but I want to be the best person I can be. My headphones are on. They’re always on. I like people so much more when I can’t hear their voices, hear the words they’re saying. Visually I assume the best, think that we have a lot in common. I project a personality on them. All the while I’m listening to what I want to listen to. I’ve got my big headphones on. I could be listening to anything. Anything I want. It’s my freedom in this public place. Whatever I do, this is mine. I want to listen to something else, something more appropriate. I don’t want to think of myself as a commuter, but a traveler. I want the romance, for there to be some sort of significance to it all. It’s not time wasted, it’s just time. I listen to music. The music changes my perception of where I am, who is around me. I am so easily influenced by the sounds in my ears, more than I’d like to admit. I judge people based on the context of the sounds which are connected with them. Coincidence, of course, but do I believe in fate? Rationally, and if asked cold, of course not, but in very particular situations like these? They pass the time. It’s all I have left.


Artist Song Duration
Library Tapes Fields 01:58
Tuxedomoon Toreador del Amor 05:11
The Keys Transformations 01:20
Carbon Based Lifeforms Gryning 07:22
Les Pionniers De La Musique Congolaise De Leopoldville À Kinshasa Kalala Badi Mwene 05:07
Boy Azooga Walking Thompson’s Park 00:55
The Dead Texan Glen’s Goo 04:07
Lars Horntveth Mars Bar (Call For Gary!) 05:29
Amadou Balaké Yéllé 04:03
1900 Den modernitet som aldrig kom 04:49
Jam City Black Friday 04:55
Deaf Center White Lake 06:35


Some belters on that mix @ma0sm

Especially that Deaf Center track


Oh my, very nice


My Spotify is stuck in an Installing… loop but I want to listen to these.


Yeah it shows - and you did a cracking job of it! I’m not a huge fan of jazz and I can never quite place what kind of jazz it is a I do like - it’s very much this stuff you’ve got surrounding the Bohren track.

I wound up missing my last train and having to get a taxi home on Tuesday but this did a good job of cheering me up when I was slumped on the sofa having a nightcap.


Listened to that Dead Texans LP in full after ma0sm’s playlist last night.



can you get it on yr phone?


I should probably take that step.


one of my all time favourite albums that, just listening to @hankscorpio’s mix just now, good stuff!


This is lovely. Going to put on some candles and listen to it in the bath.


'Kin ell, the standard of both of these is intimidatingly high.

Went out for a dusky walk with my youngest earlier. She fell asleep pretty quickly, so took the opportunity to put headphones on and get stuck into @hankscorpio’s mix.

Perfect for a windy Manc autumn evening - lots I didn’t know & I wasn’t really following the tracklisting - but the Nightmares On Wax track is great, nice to unexpectedly hear that familiar twin peaks refrain & I only previously knew the Nina Simone version of Strange Fruit, but if anything, BH’s is even more chilling.

All hung together very well indeed. Thanks Hank.


Both of these are really well put together
Wish i was any good at sequencing a playlist


when mine drops i’m gonna look like quite the tit compared to these two, tbh

ah well, i enjoyed myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha. My sentiments entirely, on both counts!


frantically subtracts and adds tracks, only pausing to consult the quietus


Can only agree with what those above have said. The first two have been ridiculously good. I made mine on the first night, and i’ve slowly been editing it since. 90% of my very favourite music is white guy indie folk 2000-now.


@ma0sm’s playlist is great, reminded me of those faded woozy nights on holiday where you come back to the hotel and flick through channels letting the sounds wash over you until you fall asleep. Will definitely be spending more time with this.


aye i’ve not finished mine yet but starting to feel a bit out of my depth here!