NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


I really enjoyed both of these! Like a few others, I don’t really (knowingly) listen to any jazz, but really enjoyed a lot of @hankscorpio’s songs.
and @ma0sm’s mix was very good too, with The Dead Texan and Deaf Center being my favourite discoveries. I was also quite surprised/pleased to see 1900 on the list, as they’re on my longlist at the moment. Although I’m going for the rather more underground Den Minsta Av Segrar as my choice of song, instead of @ma0sm’s blatantly more mainstream choice of Den Modernitet Som Aldrig Kom.


Thanks for the kind words all, was a bit worried about mine after hearing how good hank’s was, but glad you seem to like it on the whole!


I know - talk about the 1900 choice for basic bitches right?

The number of times I’ve been on a bus and had to suffer the kids at the back blasting Den Modernitet bloody Som Aldrig Kom through their phone speakers…

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I wasn’t sure whether to let his transgression slide, but I’m glad somebody else is with me on this!


Really like the Skalpel and Moonless tracks on Hank’s

Not a huge fan of jazz but can appreciate this is very…smooth


Maosm’s tallied with my own taste a bit more, had a nice ambience and absolutely loved the Tuxedodemon track. I’d heard about them but never delved in…


Been enjoying yer mix @ma0sm. The last run of tracks from Dead Texan (the only selection I previously knew) in particular are all really good.

For some reason, it caught my eldest’s eye as she was choosing bedtime music earlier this week & she’s refused to listen to anything else since. She’s currently listening to tuxedomoon, so gonna be having some weird fucking dreams…


NIGHTSHIFT #3 - @ghosthalo

trying to capture that feeling of when the night is over for everyone else but for whatever reason you’re still up, and you’re wasted, and you can’t shut down your mind. lots of bass, lots of skittering beats. too many cigarettes and nursing a feeling of loneliness. maybe someone in particular is on your mind and you can’t sleep for thinking about them. it feels like it’ll be 3am forever. you start listening to uptempo stuff, but as you go along your mind shifts elsewhere. you’re maybe on the verge of understanding something, but you’ll probably fall asleep before you get your hands around it. and in a strange way you’re glad you’re feeling like this, because it means you’re alive. burial technically appears twice. (put a 10 second crossfade on your spotify too - it just about works :wink: )