NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


Going to record mine this weekend. happy there’s a backlog.

  • I’ver never listened to Roots Manuva before, dude sounds like a perfect mix of Rock and Ruck of Heltah Skeltah. At first i was like hm didnt expect to hear Sean Price on a nightshift mix, then i was like hm maybe that’s Rock, then I was like nope that’s neither… cool story bro.

  • Cymande are an incredible band. The sound is probably a little too dynamic for night time music (for me).

  • In general i love the beat scene stuff (shigeto/Flylo/burial/blackdown/gonjasufi/onra) for certain settings but again it’s pretty dynamic sounding (probably the skittering nature of it you mentioned). some really great choices tho.

  • Something like the Jacques Green track falls just on the right side of the warmness scale for being able to relax to… could just be the snares dont have as much snap as something like the Shigeto track.

  • Fav discovery from this is the Marielle V Jakobsons song, instantly checked out the album and it’s really moving and beautiful, maybe a bit like… Spiritualized instrumentals?

  • This mix is hella random, which I dig. nice one @ghosthalo


Little late to the party here, but love this idea. Count me in. Going to need some time to hash one together as I’m a bit anal about making my own playlists. However, I also listen to music late late at night. List could depend on what mood I’m in but the beauty of such a thing is to see and discover knew and old lost favorites from the great DiS community! I’ll drink a beer to that…

Going to dive back in to the whole thread and listen to everything and give thoughts and what not…


new not knew holy hell…keep drinking brandon :smile:


very thoughtful feedback here, cheers. i guess i’m a person with a channel hopping state of mind, which probably accounts for the randomness. plus when i was growing up, for dark nights of the soul you turned to basslines and drugged kind of beats. think that’s always stayed with me. i could have gone a different route, but listening back there seems to be a consistent emotional theme at least, if not a musical one - i guess i was trying to channel that romantic, heartbroken kind of feeling (due to current personals). idk what the term for it is - it’s like feeling completely hopeless and like anything is possible at the same time (that cymande track captures it perfectly, the music being funky af and putting you in a head nodding groove, but the lyrics being pretty dark on their own).

it was a lot of fun putting this together, and it also helped me remember why music can be so fkn important during particular periods in life.

also thanks to @bugduv for letting me take part.


Also yeah, marielle is phenomenal and i can’t recommend enough


Just finished this mix up, needless to say fantastic. Being a big jazz fan myself great selections, a bunch I’ve never heard of. Some initial thoughts:

Loved the Skapel tune. Just your old tap your foot and bob your head kind of jazzy-ness here.

Big fan of Bohren, its about time for a new LP no?

Ahh the Birdman, Charlie Parker. Love the old tape hiss of his old jazz recordings, a short one albeit here but still perfect.

Need to know who is tickling the ivory on the Nightmares on Wax tune, fantastic.

Cant ever go wrong with Badbadnotgood. Loved Cosmic Vibrations with Zeb.

Beauty of mixes is you never know what direction a person can go in based on mood and feeling, thought the last 4-5 tunes were perfect with some vocals with Hope, Billie and Beth.

Steven Morgan diving in next!!!

DiSer’s are the best!!! Great Thread!


Another great mix here. Tons of stuff I’ve never heard. Initial thoughts:

Loved the smokey bar room jazz of Pink Narcissus

Forgot about the Cafe Del Mar mix tapes, used to listen to a lot of those back in the day, need to dive in but thoroughly enjoyed the Carbon Based Lifeforms tune

Kalala Badi Mwene, a nice change of pace. Something you would hear splattered on a Wes Anderson soundtrack to me.

Dead Texan obviously as most people know me from the ambient threads major fan. Listened to Adam Bryanbaums A Winged Victory For the Sullen _Atomos _today ironically. Major Love of all things SOTL, Dead Texan, A Winged Victory for the Sullen. For anyone that hasnt heard the Dead Texan LP its a must.

Yelle, almost shit my pants thinking this was an afrobeat Simple Man cover by Skynyrd to start. But fantastic xylophone action going on with that acoustic guitar.

Awesome stuff!


wowsies, I don’t know if I should come up with a NIGHTSHIFT mix, mine are total 360’s of these gems.


Such a treat trying to figure this last playlist out. Thought it might be too long, but now it finishes too quickly. The about-turn around the Tom Waits track caught me offguard at first, but those tracks make it sort of a play in three parts. Top stuff.


That Balam Acab track’s the pick of the bunch for me. Broadcast, Carla dal Forno, Ben Salisbury and Onra next best. This is definitely a great 3am, can’t drink any more, blankly staring at screens playlist i’ll investigate regularly.



Lots of my musical discoveries are made when I’m shifted late at work, and researching records seems far more appealing than my official duties. In the strange dim empty office world, I find escape in mildly exotic folk pop and floaty instrumental interludes. Try on my shirt, it looks like it might fit you.


That Bernice record is lush :heart:

Digging the playlists I’ve heard so far. Trying to finalise my own entry, can’t seem to let it go though…


that 2nd track’s blown me away


came here to post this, that bernice tune properly captures a mood doesn’t it. also loving that nyanza night one.

well played, @Gert, this has introduced me to some great stuff and also helped me get through a rough shift at work :slight_smile:


Thanks for making your mix @ghosthalo - been playing it over the last couple of weeks. Great couple of openers in Burial and Roots Manuva - loved Run Come Save Me at the time, but lost touch with his stuff over the years.

Noted down, Cymande, Marille V Jakobsons, Balam Akab, Carla dal Forno and Orna as other standouts.

That Onra track in particular is a beauty - wish it wasn’t so short.

Tom Waits is of course always welcome in any capacity. Had a number of his on my longlist, but they didn’t really fit the overall feel, so ended up getting cut.

Hope you’re doing ok anyway gh - I’ve seen you’re going through some difficult stuff at the minute.


Late to the party but would love to be included in this


thanks mate :slightly_smiling_face: glad you liked the playlist


Agree with shrewbie on that second track. Guess vocally it sounds like Donovan a bit, but beyond that it’s like nothing i’ve heard. Must’ve listened to it twenty times.


feels like it’s been ages since my last night shift mix fix