NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


Oooh. Rozi Plain. Nice. Can’t do spotify so have been youtube playlisting them instead. Will be onto yours next.


I’ll post the next one tonight.

Gert’s playlist is an absolute belter. Ivor Cutler following that Peaking Lights track is a particular highlight. Rozi Plain’s absolutely brilliant aswell, how’s she not huge?

Two or three of the tracks normally wouldn’t appeal as much. Vivian Stanshall and Joachim Cooder are probably wouldn’t immediately grab my ear outside of the context of a playlist, but listening to them a few times i’m pretty sure i’ve got a weird mental block about really appreciating good songwriting.


glad you like it bug! And it’s great that everyone else likes Owiny Sigoma band. Saw them at Rich Mix a few years ago because they looked interesting and their album Nyanza became a favourite.

Whenever I listen to that Viv Stanshall song I go around singing “Pork pies in foyer” to myself for several days

@ghosthalo I really dug your playlist, lots of it (the electronic stuff) not the type of thing I normally listen to but it made me want to remedy that. Should probably spend some time with Burial and Flying Lotus. Of things that are more within my grasp, loved Cymande and Broadcast (who I’ve seen tons of raving about but never checked out). That Gonjasufi featuring track is great too, I like it when he’s reined in a bit from making the deliberately ugly music he’s been putting out lately


NIGTSHIFT #5 - @shrewbie

A soundtrack for when the internet’s slowing down and your eyes are itchy and your brain’s gone but you can’t face going to bed, and you end up being taken somewhere else entirely by what you’re listening to.

Lambchop - In Care of 86875309 - 11:51
Justin Walter - Dream Weaving - 5:19
Higher Authorities - Another Time, Another Place - 6:18
Benoit & Sergio - What I’ve Lost - 6:12
The Meters - Stormy - 3:41
Mirroring - Silent From Above - 4:58
Robert Wyatt - Alien - 6:47
Julia Holter - Hello Stranger - 6:15
Mary Ocher - To the Light - 3:39


Don’t need anything at night but the last Arco album…


here’s that fix, thoughts to follow :heart_eyes:


Loved this. Haven’t really listened to many of these properly yet because I don’t have paid Spotify (so it doesn’t let you listen to playlists in order, unless I’m being dim). I put this one in a YouTube playlist after someone said they did the same a few posts up, I’m going to go back through the others and do the same. I’ll probably put mine on mixcloud when I get round to doing it.

The Higher Authorities, Meters and Julia Holter tracks were the immediate highlights for me here.


Hope people like it
Have genuinely loved and kept going back to all of these. think @Gert 's is my favourite, so much stuff that i hadn’t heard of but that is right up my street. can’t get the Vivian Stanshall track out of my head


Desktop version does. Mobile version doesn’t, so far as i know. I’ve been listening to them anyway and have the free version.

They have an offer on at the minute - £3.33 a month.


Only just seen this thread, what a fantastic idea. Looking forward to catching up on the existing mixes, and definitely going to get one together as well!


That opener’s an absolute marathon of a track. Love songs like that, when it feels like they’re ending but no.

I don’t think i listen to enough long tracks. I’d bet 99% of my favourite songs are between 2:30 and 4:00 long.

Loving the Benoit and Sergio track as well. Reminds me a bit of The Dru…woah, hang on, where’re you all going…?


Dream Weaving is the track I didn’t know I needed to hear right now. I lost myself in it and went right back to the start as soon as it was over (more than once!).

Another time Another Place is so bizarre, I love it. It has that same addictive quality. And same goes for the meters tune.

For me this has perfectly matched my mood on my night walk home from work, there’s something melancholy but grooving about many of your choices here. And I could never dislike a mix with Julia Holter on. It’s full of neat little surprises and unexpected turns, very mich appreciated shrewbs!


Just finishing a 12 hour shift of which I spent most of it in the DiS raffle thread. What a great day.


Just posting to say i’ve been listening and enjoying these. good work everybody :+1: I’ll give a more thorough breakdown at another point.

Great idea for a thread. sure i’ll try and come up with something at some point if thats ok.


NIGHTSHIFT #6 - @Steved

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Dance PM
Mondkopf – Vivere (Finale)
JABU – Get to You
Terlu – Seahorse
Barnt – What is a Number, That a Man May Know It
Christina Vantzou – Homemade Mountains
Pariah – Pith
Traumprinz – I Gave My Life
Broken Social Scene – All to All (Supermayer remix)
Gil Scott-Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit (live)
Morgan Louis – Not U
Shed – When the Faces Went Down

Recorded on a rainy evening with my cat while some people let off the last of their fireworks outside.


I know not all of the tracks are on Spotify, but if you have the missing ones offline, then this playlist should work:


Cracking stuff this.


Love that Barnt track


I put mine un my Mixcoud and podcast feed last week. Sorry @bugduv


Right, now New Year’s out of the way let’s get this going again. Got a few submissions on backlog and any more welcome (PM, please).

Can we take it up from @Steved’s playlist? Think it probably went a hit under the radar because it was posted just before Christmas. I’ve been listening to it at work this morning. The Mondkopf track’s the standout for me, but the trio of BSS, Gil Scott-Heron and Morgon Louis brought a smile to my face as well.

I’ll get the next one up in a few days time.