NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


oh yeah this took a backseat when i was making my 2018 mix CD instead. must get it finished off.


that GSH track :heart_eyes:


This will be an excuse to get a Mixcloud


I quite liked not knowing what some tracks were and having to work it out myself. I lost tabs of what was what about halfway through and had to do a bit of manual searching and only really clocked once i’d recognised Broken Social Scene and could work back. A small thing, but i am quite conscious of only really investigating music via Spotify, and it being a bit got, got, got, need sometimes.


I ain’t got a Spotify account and don’t really have any plans to get one so Mixcloud is the playlist-maker for me!



I will do this.

And also finish mine.


Really liked Steve D’s. Mondkopf and Barnt tracks were excellent.


Thanks for the nice feedback everyone, this got put up when I was on holiday so I didn’t really pay it much attention. It’s on Mixcloud because a couple of the songs aren’t on Spotify (including the Traumprinz track which is the first song I thought absolutely had to be on it) but also because I wanted people to listen to it as a whole at least once as it’s harder to skip tracks you already know or that don’t grab you immediately that way. Thanks again to @bugduv for sorting it and also to @ma0sm for doing the Spotify play list.


Think this is my favourite one so far, so thanks to @bugduv for the post-holidays bump.

Kinda wish I’d learnt to mix mine properly instead of bunging everything together on Spotify. Still, no point spilling milk, as they say.


have really missed these, cheers @Steved


I missed the last couple of these and just realised I’ve picked the same Mirrorring track as @shrewbie. Cue some hasty redrafting before mine goes up.

I listened to the first three or four of these again in various states of intoxication over the Christmas break. They all fit the bill beautifully and I made some great discoveries. Love this thread.


I’ve got eleven of these bad boys on backlog. I’ll make sure i get one a week up. Apologies if i’ve not replied to some messages. All received with thanks.


this was great, really enjoyed it @Steved


This is lovely - the Christina Vantzou in particular.


NIGHTSHIFT #7 - @Tiergarten

(Needs a fair bit of cross fading and there’s some long stuff in there, but it works. Hope you dig.)


Thanks @bugduv! Should have put together a bit more in the way of bio really. Might do an extended one for Mixcloud.