NIGHTSHIFT - DiS late night mixtape thread


Mine’s up on mixcloud (by mistake, fluffed the protocol), but yes, it would be great if this was kickstarted again…



Sorry, just been a bit busy working. I’ll get a fresh one posted tonight and aim for a new one every week. We’ve got around ten in the locker.

The Giles Corey and Midwife tracks on the last one were brilliant.

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NIGHTSHIFT #8 - @colossalhorse

For my Nightshift mix I started by tried to capture that feeling of being alone in the heart of the city at night. It’s strangely intoxicating, being in a bubble of calm solitude amidst all the hectic goings on. Headphones on, shoulders hunched. For a variety of reasons I’ve spent a lot of time in that state – working late shifts, living alone in a city, having musical taste that wasn’t shared by anyone I knew at the time. Though we start out stargazing with Christina Ott’s Sexy Moon we’re soon caught up in the heady blur of passing headlights and the giddy hubbub of night-time revellers. The night feels teeming with possibility – like any doorway could lead to something wicked and wild. The more extroverted might find it easy to just slide into a slipstream and end up on an adventure, and every now and again even the more cautious among us might find ourselves caught in a riptide and ending up doing god knows what and wake up god knows where. But more often than not we glide in and out amongst other people’s lives, with all their joys and dramas drifting by us.

It’s hard not to fall in love with. Then the mix shifts to a more solitary place. Once we’re back home and the night is over you can still feel its pull on you. Most of the nights promise is, inevitably, unfulfilled. Even if you managed to snatch at a chance on your journey there are still a million more gone begging – thousands of people you could have fallen in love with, grand conversations about The Meaning Of It All you could have had, perfect crystalline dancefloor moments spent suspended in some perfect chorus you could have found yourself in. Its part of the pact we make when we fall in love with the city at night – we have to accept that it can’t love us back.



Oh man, I’d forgotten how pretentious that all sounds. Also I messed around with the running order a bunch of times so I’m not sure it sounds like that anyway. I hope there’s stuff on there that people enjoy though.



Pretty sure I’ll enjoy this, recognize a lot of names from a certain genre :smile:

Diving in now.



I’m going to assume my mix was so fabulous nothing needs to be said and we’re all happy letting this thread sink down the boards knowing we’ve accomplished all we can here.





I’m going to listen to it this weekend, these mixes are a Friday/Saturday-after-a-few-beers thing for me.



Me too tbf. It’s just a lovely thread and I was scared I’d killed it.



I’m so far behind listening and feeding back on these.

I’ll probably hear yours next year.

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Midnight on Friday, let’s do this

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Really enjoyed this, TY CH. First track and the Gas track my highlights (somehow never listened to Narkopop despite it being right in my wheelhouse). Should really listen to some more Dalek too, haven’t really bothered since Gutter Tactics and they’re playing here next month.



i thought this was a tremendous mix. i dug into it sober then i dug into it drunk, and it worked in different ways both times. i mean i don’t wanna sound like a broken record but as with other mixes itt i’m hearing things i didn’t know i needed to hear. and i’m going back to the start and replaying it all again because holy shit, this is so necessary for me right now.

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Yeah, totally digging this @colossalhorse. Highlights for me so far are John Doe Arise and the Dalek track (I’m only about halfway through i think).

On a more general point, I love how all the mixes so far are really different, but do have a consistency between them, in tone or feel or whatever. I think I’d always be more interested in someone’s late night mix than their party mix.

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Okay fucking hell, this Sky Burial track is incredible.



Really liked John Doe Arise too, and the Rival Consoles track. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit sniffy about “IDM” in the past because it always strikes me as dance for people who don’t actually like dance so I should probably get over myself and dig a little deeper.

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Glad it went down alright even after my bout of neediness in the week. That Floex album is incredible, a real sleeper hit from last year.

Dalek’s comeback EP Asphalt Jungle is well worth a listen. I haven’t given the album that followed much time though for whatever reason, I just bounced right off it.

And @steved I came to IDM as a man who never liked dance music via ambient so the “dance music for people who don’t like dance” label has some truth to it. There’s loads of great stuff being produced under that banner though so don’t let idiots like me put you off!



Took my sweet ass time but finally listened to this and it’s bloody great. The Gidge, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Grails, L’Orange, Dalek, Milo, Rival Consoles and Christine Ott tracks were all particularly fantastic. Cheers for putting it together!

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that opening track’s a stunner

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That Gidge track’s a belter. Can hear the influence of several genres in that.

Love the Christine Ott track as well, but then i was one of the few who loved the first couple of Windmill albums, more for the theme than the vocals in that instance. Anything space-related ticks a box for me.

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NIGHTSHIFT #9 - @malick

Soundtrack to that strange melancholia that awaits you as you leave the club. The primal thud fades away into the distance, and your feet are tired, and a lonely nightbus home is your reality. Bedraggled strangers roam the streets, shop keepers lift their shutters, birds begin to croon and everything seems strange and fuzzy. The wild abandon of the night has given way to tender instrospection, and you need to hear soft coos and gentle, loving synths to get you through these trying times.