Nighty Night

Both series of the BBC comedy Nighty Night from 2004/2005 is back on the Iplayer! It’s bloody brilliant. Anybody else a fan?


always meant to watch this, must bookmark it or something

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I watched the shittest quality torrent of them a year or two back. Fucking brilliant of course. Think I will watch again.

Camping is probably my favourite Julia Davis though.


I haven’t seen Camping yet but I LOVED Sally4ever this year. It’s incredible.

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Camping is fucking ridiculous :joy:


Yeah Sally4ever was great too but Camping is even better.

This guy here is incredible (as is everyone really):


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Where can I watch Camping pls?

yeah im a fan

NOWTV (make sure you don’t watch the shite US remake though).

I watched this at the time and am very pleased that I’m going to be able to watch it again

Quite fancy a rewatch of Human Remains too

Camping gets so fucking demented and dark. She’s great

Anyone been listening to Dear Joan & Jericha?


Series was amazing, series 2 was good but was a bit more silly. Loved Angus Deayton in it and s2 was filmed back home in Bude so always nice to see it

I listened to a couple and then forgot about it. It was ok.

felt like series 2 they went a bit TOO far? and that’s saying something given series 1 (the horse at the wedding and the bag of offal).

I do need to rewatch though and also check out this camping and the other one.

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If you think it went too far then Camping and Sally4Ever might not be for you


are you saying I couldn’t handle it?

You? Of course not unless you like seeing people wanking off while shitting in someone’s mouth

I’ve really enjoyed it, although I wish they’d spend more time on the bits about their own personal lives. The letters/advice can be hit and miss but the stuff about Mahmoud and Cardinal usually has me choking with laughter.

Yeah I love J&J, assume a lot of it is improvised. Love the bits where they obviously come really close to cracking up but just hold it together.

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They need to get Julia Davis on Taskmaster!

Love the theme music to nighty night too.

My name is nobody by Ennio Morricone