Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Anyone know much about Nijmegen? Might be moving there and have never lived in The Netherlands before.

Guessing this one might be a zero replier.

There’s a DIY venue/cafe that my friends’ band has played. That is all I know.

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It’s a start.

What’s it like living in a country where you don’t speak the first language? I appreciate The Netherlands would have more English speaking people than most places, but surely they don’t want to speak English when they’re just relaxing?

What about if I wanted to continue Taekwondo or something else there, do they have classes in English or is it all in Dutch? How hard is Dutch to learn?

Sorry for the pile of questions, this all got real quickly and I’m simultaneously working it out in my head.

Not a town I’ve been to very often. It has an excellent independent venue called Doornroosje. Local football team NEC are distinctly average. Close to the German border and therefore a bit isolated from the parts of Holland where all the fun happens.

Mostly famous for the “vierdaagse”, a four day walking event in July that attracts tens of thousands participants.

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I live in a country where they don’t speak my first language and I’ve been coping fine. As Nijmegen is not a massive tourist magnet expect fewer people to speak English than in e.g. Amsterdam, especially the older generation. Taekwondo lessons will be in Dutch. The Dutch language is a mix of German, French, Spanish and English so as long as you are fluent in all of them you’ll pick it up in no time.


Just looked up vierdaagse, would definitely be interested in that!

I only speak English other than school German, French and recent Duolingo in Spanish. So in other words I only speak English.

I could take Dutch classes I suppose. How long do you reckon it’d take to know enough to get by if you went for it fairly intensively?

It’s a rites of passage for many Dutch youngsters. I couldn’t be arsed.

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If you have a good ear for languages I’d say a few months. Grammar wise it’s not as complicated as German or French, it’s just that many pronounciations don’t come natural to an English speaker.

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If it gets confirmed I’ll get cracking, though I imagine even if it clicks I’d be that guy at parties who has a loose understanding of the language so people talk to for about three minutes before deciding it’s too hard work and moving on to someone else.

Also considering living in a nearby city and commuting if the standard of life is better, but only Utrecht in commutable distance it looks like.

Utrecht’s wonderful. Though maybe living where you’re working would make settling in easier.

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That’s a good point. It’s my wife’s work that’ll be in Nijmegen, I’ll still be working remotely for a company based in UK / NZ but those will still be the only people we know there and no-one wants to be a billy no mates.

“Nijmegen Bride” was a level in seminal playstation 2 WWII themed shooter 'Medal of Honour: Frontline"
So I’d imagine they have a bridge.


Who marries a bridge?

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Ann Castle


Utrecht is a 55 min train journey away. A nearby alternative would be Arnhem, which although similar in size to Nijmegen, is a bit more lively.

Ooh nice, good inside knowledge, will take a look

Great level!


That whole game was great. That level where you have to dart into people’s houses to avoid being caught and the residents would look at you all shocked is burnt into my memory forever and ever.

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best bit of the game.

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