Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Who do you work for that sends you to all these places?

*are you married to

never actually been but my mate lives there, apparently it’s quite hippyish. most old dutch towns are quite pretty and not that different from eachother imo.
Utrecht’s great if you like music and that

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So Idles played there just before I move there, and Future Of The Left play Brisbane just after I move from there.

Pretty shit timing all round.

Poor timing!

Have you ever been to a gig at the Foundry? If so what’s it like? I saw they were looking for a barista to run their record shop earlier in the year which doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in their ability to put on gigs

Only been to the Foundry once, not long after it opened to see Ngaiire. It’s like some multi-functional place (record shop, rehearsal studios, music venue) with winding corridors that eventually leads to a live music venue. The venue itself was pretty decent, good place for them to play I reckon.

I have a feeling the guys who set it up had to sell it within the last year, the venue was certainly up for sale, but it’s good to hear it’s a decent place.

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Played a gig there earlier in the year. Thought it was a nice enough place but I’ve always quite liked wherever ive been in the Netherlands.

Also I’ve played at the Foundry in Brisbane! I don’t know how many good bands come through there but I thought it was a great place.

Nijmegen might not have lots of good bands coming through all the time but it’s not a long trip to Amsterdam or even somewhere like Hamburg or Berlin if you wanted to make a weekend of it. Australia is obviously a bit screwed for small/medium sized bands from Europe and US coming through so I think overall you’ll see better bandana and gigs on average than in Brisbane.


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That’s it, I’m emigrating.

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This is what’s coming up:

Something for everyone, obviously.

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Love stirring up shit for no reason

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Apparently some bars in the centre have it set up so that people were being filmed while they piss and people could access these cameras.

Feels like the sort of story the international tabloids would have lapped up, but doesn’t seem to be the case.