Nike #Breaking2: Trailer


soundtrack by The Fall


In much the same way as you make threads every 2 hours, Mark E Smith requires money to survive.


he probably agreed to it knowing a lot of the fans would be irked to fuck.


Oh just fuck off. You’re literally the worst poster to ever grace these boards.


how comes?


It’s def a bit of pigfoot ‘I’m-aloof’-but-not-actually-as-good-or-clever-as-I-think-im-being’ schtick

You can just interact normally with people fella. We’re kind of past the ‘oh look a character’ thing


I dunno: Jordan still has a certain charm about him


He cracks jokes though it lightens the mood


Can’t say Pharoah than that!


It’s more like the lab monkey thing where you’re having a pint on a Wednesday and suddenly you realise you’re at a comedy open mic


This isn’t a Dojo - it’s an internet forum.
don’t know what ‘pigfoot’ is, but sound good