Nike & Kaepernick


So what are our takes on this then?

I think Colin K is a fucking hero & Nike co-opting his heroism for corporate kudos doesnt sit right with me …then again I have no doubts that K will get the dollars he’s worth & use it for good so…

Added bonus …all those rednecks posing with AR-15s & plastic drinking straws to ’own the libs’ are currently going nuts on social media cutting their Nikes to pieces, presumably also to own the libs

Still feel highly uncomfortable about corporate co-opting of civil courage though…especially when it’s a company with a history of child labour in Pakistan…though according to reports they’ve turned that around since the late 90s

I guess my take is capitalism is bad, and so is white nationalism masquerading as patriotism

So, what’s your take ?

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Every time I think about the Kaep situation I think of our own @Steved struggling with his cognitive dissonance and have a little giggle.

You’re gonna have to explain this one to us latecomers

I’m still laughing at the one who cut the Nike logos out of his socks. Christ.


I remember when jambo from hollyoaks did something similar

Steved has a longstanding aversion to Kaep as a player, from well before his days as a figurehead of social activism, so it cuts him deep to acknowledge Kaep’s place on the side of good.

saw some journalist say he’s been on the Nike payroll since he was without a team so I’m not sure it’s co-opting, it’s his choice to monetise his decision.

Not cos of kaepernick tho

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I see, thanks for the clarification

It’s going to wind up all the people who deserve winding up, I’m all for it


He had a massive endorsement deal with Beats before the controversy, not sure what’s happened with that.


After the 2013 Super Bowl, Kaepernick inked deals with McDonald’s, Beats by Dre, Jaguar, Electronic Arts and MusclePharm. By 2015, he was making at least $3 million in endorsements. Since then, however, he has not appeared in any content for those sponsors.

This is a strong message. Sure, it may be couched in a flawed system, but it’s a good thing Nike have done IMO.


Hard to say if it’s good/bad/both. Radical action being co-opted by a company and sold through marketing doesn’t sit right with me, but I’m not necessarily begrudging Kaepernick earning his money. I think the bigger problem is a company like Nike wearing this sort of stand against injustice as a badge without reckoning with its own practices and how it contributes to injustice in a number of different ways.

No doubting that it’s an incredibly powerful message, but maybe gets lost in the system in which it is now sitting. idk


It’s better than nothing but rings a bit hollow when they continue to make the NFL’s kits with little protest


suppose it’s a good sign on the whole that corporations see joining progressive causes as good marketing, still find it a bit gross though
same with the commodifcation of the ‘Serena’ brand and stuff like this:

even though she’s a mainstream and capitalist figure who knows how to market herself (and hasn’t even done anything as radical as Kaepernick did) it still sits weirdly with me that so many people who used to do her down are now either lionising her or making money from her
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Yeah, is this likely to cause further controversy with the owners? Is Kaep/Nike gonna be dragged into a kit war?

In fairness I’d be well up for them stitching a Kaep kneeling logo into each NFL shirt wherever the team logo ought to be for the first round of games this weekend


That would be something wouldn’t it ?


Teams have long-standing contracts with Nike, I can’t imagine anything drastic happening as a result. While the court case is ongoing (and last week it was decided that the case could proceed) I imagine all the owners are bound to keep their mouths shut on all of this to prevent giving Kaep’s side any more ammunition (until Trump speaks up and forces their hands).