Nils Frahm

Just announced a load of dates for early next year.


cheers pal :thumbsup:

Odds on any decent barbican seats when tickets go on general sale seems unlikely after last year’s blow out. Would get membership if I was going to be around tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll be able to get down to brighton and see how the London dates sell.

Just booked tickets on a whim to Glasgow - should be good!

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Nice one thanks for mentioning this, think I’ll try for the Bristol show in the aim of getting better seats.

Not as arsed about him now he’s bald

See you there (if it’s not sold out by payday)

Barbican website booking is a nonsense. Put in a queue when trying to get on the site at 9.58 on my laptop, bit straight through to tickets just after 10 when I tried on my work computer. Ridiculous (but booked :slightly_smiling_face:)