Nina Nastasia 2023

That does sound very tragic. Thankfully sounds like she’s making positive step forwards though.

Wishing her the best and hope she’s able to travel and play The UK again soon.

Dogs in one of the best albums since 2000. Give that a listen.

I love this track.


The Jim White one is just fucking phenomenal. I think it slightly ruined Outlaster for me when it came out. I just felt a bit disappointed listening to it.


There are trigger warnings at the head of this interview, for good reason, but it’s an excellent piece with a lot to feel positive about:

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UK tour next April


Great news! Her and the Delgados were the two acts I regretted missing in my peak-gig-going days and both have reappeared for 2023 dates.

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Had a quick look for date last but couldn’t find them. Do you have a link?

Her new album is one of my favourites of this year, and could be my new favourite of hers. Pretty tough listening at times, reminds me a bit of the Mt Eerie one from a few years back.

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They’re not announced yet, still booking, so I’d imagine tickets will be around at Christmas. London show 4th April, then up north after.

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Thanks, hope the space suits her thing. I guess the Union Chapel would be perfect for the London show. Saw her a few times at ATPs - that downstairs room in Camber definitely wasn’t the best place to see her.

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Nina Nastasia, the singer-songwriter confirms new UK & Ireland shows for April,

Brighton Komedia, 03 April
London EartH, 04
Leeds Brudenell Social Club, 05
Newcastle Cluny 2, 09
Manchester The Deaf Institute, 10
Dublin The Workmans Cellar, 19

Cut and pasted from the internet.

Oh no. Looks like I won’t be able to make the London date due to work.


Bleh… I imagine a Glasgow date will show up in that early gap which is when I’m away on holiday. :tired_face:

Good to see her back in the UK but the lack of West Country dates is going to make this difficult to access. EartH is the most promising but still a faff to get to and from. Hopefully a few more dates will appear.

Which EartH is it? The hall is shit. The theatre is great.

Dunno, I saw Stereolab in what I think is the hall (big rectangular space) which was good but can’t imagine Nina in there. I saw Yo La Tengo in what I think is the theatre (concrete terracing rising upward from the stage) and I think this would be much more amenable to her and her music.

Dublin on my birthday. Don’t think I’m a big enough fan for that birthday journey though, but I still haven’t got round to checking out the new album


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The theatre would be a great venue for her style of stuff.

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3 more dates added, got quite excited at the idea of the Exeter gig but turns out it’s the same date as Yo La Tengo in Bristol which I’ve got a ticket for, I don’t go to that many gigs and so it always seems extraordinary when two land on the same date …
APR 06 Glasgow, Broadcast
APR 08 Edinburgh, The Pleasance
APR 13 Exeter Phoenix

The album that came out on Friday by Jolie Laide (Nina Nastasia collaboration with Jeff MacLeod) seems to have flown under the radar a bit, so posting it here as well as in the new releases thread because it’s great.