Nine Eleven Daily Thread

Hey pals!

What’s shakin?

I’ve got a pair of electricians over to sort out some stuff. Considering taking a nap as I didn’t get to sleep until quite late and I don’t have anything on until an interview at 1pm (it is currently 8:40 here). HMMMM.

It’s raining. Beginning to get properly autumnal weather now. I’m going to Spain next week though :sun_with_face::palm_tree::ocean:

Alright WR

Off today, so obviously I was awake at 6. Off to godalming for brunch


Can’t believe it’s 17 years since those slags smashed into the twin towers. Still freaks my nut out to this day


What time does the little one normally wake you up these days?

Any other plans for your day off than brunch? (Not that you ever really need more plans than having brunch)

Can be anywhere between 4 and 6. Normally sleeps for 8-9hrs. Will be awake for 90mins then sleeps again.

Nothing too major. May go shopping

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living the dream


Got a call with my American boss later. Will need to remember to be appropriately solemn/suggest we start by saluting the flag. It isn’t a video call so he’ll have to take my word for it.

tl;dr nothing to report

quote danny dyer’s tweet to him but really sincerely


What Danny Dyer tweet?


Pretty good!

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Every sodding year I go down a Youtube rabbit hole of 9/11 videos, and that’s all I’ve done in the last few days. Still can’t quite wrap my head around it. Slags etc

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Morning all. I’m still ill with shingles :frowning: although I think it might be the anti-viral tablets, rather than the virus, making me feel so dreadful because my rash is clearing up. I’m so bored of feeling this sick ffs

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Not worth its own thread but in case any of you are interested the folks who make our forum have added some new features Discourse 2.1 released!


Half day at work today :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

The first half, unfortunately. :zzz: :zzz:

On my way to work. Wearing my new boots, think my heels have blistered already :tired_face:

At work at 08.00, at dentist at 11.45, back at work at 13.00. Filling being replaced. Don’t think I can use it as an excuse to take off the whole afternoon.

where bounce in spain u goin WR?

Something something PJ Harvey lyrics something something.

Have a few cheeky beers on the way back from dentist to work, say it’s “the dentisht drugs” having a reaction. Take rest of week off.


get well soon :hugs: