Nine Inch Nails

Listened to the ep twice now. Think I really like it. Not sure. Pretty happy about all the reissues.

I like the EP quite a bit, yet I can’t help but feel like it’s sort of like someone made an EP out of a bigger album.

Really enjoying this. The most ‘industrial’ NiN have sounded in a while, and sleazy in that way that seems oddly unique to Trent.

Yep. Really, really good. Best thing they’ve / he’s done since The Slip.


Listened to the last one again yday. It’s got some great stuff on it. Colour me psyched.

enjoyed the last ep, although not been back in a while. perhaps i should. did it ever get a physical?


This is just gorgeous. I can’t wait for the full EP.

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liking this so far. Less Than isn’t especially indicative of the rest of the EP, but it feels a bit more coherent than the last EP (which I otherwise liked.)

I saw an air conditioning unit yesterday, made by a brand call Reznor. I tried to take a picture in order to facilitate posting on social media with the words Vent Reznor. It was going to be brilliant.

Alas, the picture didn’t come out.


Big fan of The Background World and This Isn’t the Place. The Lovers is fine, as is Less Than although he’s made that tune about a dozen times now. Don’t like Not Anymore but we can’t have everything…


a 6 track “album”? interesting.

not sure how much I cared about the last two eps. they had their moments, i guess

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sounds like that one from that last Bowie album that it sounds a bit like

In case you haven’t seen it. Here is the Head like a Hole cover from the latest season of Black Mirror…

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