Nine Inch Nails

sounds like that one from that last Bowie album that it sounds a bit like

In case you haven’t seen it. Here is the Head like a Hole cover from the latest season of Black Mirror…

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Can someone get me more into NiN please?

I like The Downward Spiral and, controversially, With Teeth, but I haven’t really heard anything else.

There’s a lot out there, so based on that ^, where should I start?

Thanks very much.

edit: I really like The Perfect Drug

Just listen to all the albums and see what you like.


(based on that being the best one)

The Fragile would have been amazing if it was a single album but it’s well worth digging into.

The Fragile is in my top 10 of all time. It’s sprawling and viscious - title track and The Wretched are particularly good but it’s astonishingly consistent over 2 discs for me.

Year Zero is dead good too I think. Like TDS and The Fragile, there’s a grand narrative arc realised in a way which Trent does better than pretty much anyone else out there.

In terms of getting into them, look beyond the AAAABBBB rhymes and dig into the artistry in the rhythms (that glass kick in The Fragile), the versatility of Trent’s voice, and the way they blend ambience and classical moments into thrilling industrial rock.

Christ I love NiN


Another vote for The Fragile, kind of feels nicely in the middle of the two albums you mentioned


The Downward Spiral > Broken > The Fragile > With Teeth > Pretty Hate Machine > Year Zero

haven’t listened to any of the others (because they’re shite)

Reading this in the Father Ted milk voice.


probably a bit soon for that but there’s some great stuff on the remix albums too

I love Pretty Hate Machine, and don’t think much of The Fragile (think Broken is overrated too), so my recommendations don’t count. With that caveat out of the way, I reckon The Slip is massively underappreciated.


Think I prefer Further Down to the original album.

NINtro - suggested tracklist

Head Like a Hole
Something I can Never Have
The Becoming
At the Heart of It All
Hurt (live)
Somewhat Damaged
The Fragile
La Mer
The Great Below
Into the Void
I’m Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally
Big Come Down

…I lost interest a bit after The Fragile, although Burning Bright (Field of Fire), Just Add Violence and Shit Mirror are probably my favourites post reformation.

If anyone can recommend me some mid-period NIN I’d be greatful

Did Slam Bamboo do much more than that one song on YouTube?

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loved it as a teen but it is so corny. he literally raps a nursery rhyme.