Nine Inch Nails

I loved NIN as a teenager. Remember listening to The Downward Spiral sat outside a house party on NYE when I was 18.

You can imagine how my teenage years went…


The problem is I can never remember which one is which between Pilgrimage and JLYI - I know what order they come in on the album, just get the titles confused.

…and to be fair, my real list would feature 90% of the Fragile and 80% of TDS, so there were always going to be omissions

Were you me? I wouldn’t have wished that on anyone as a teenager.

(all good now though - not sympathy fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish:)

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Quite possibly.

did your teenage years involve a significant amount of severe self harm and general self abuse, coupled with crippling anxiety which I struggled to cope with as a natural ‘extrovert’

And likewise! Absolutely fine now…

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More or less

Although I managed to avoid the self-harm, the rest is pretty spot on. Getting blind drunk at least once a week and being stoned for two years straight seemed a more constructive way of managing things.


Which version of it though? (Oooh)

(Spent ages trying to track down the American version when I was a NIN obsessed teen. Not sure the differences were worth it)

uhh, except the best track is missing from the UK release?

I feel like the guy that wrote this article has never watched a Pixar film. Also: please stop calling it a fucking Disney film.

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Vinyl remaster of With Teeth is on their webstore now. Pretty excited.

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Personally think the treble exclamation mark is a stronger indicator of sincerity

Two new volumes of ‘Ghosts’ out today for free:


Lovely stuff

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Giving these a spin now - very nice so far. Longer pieces than Ghosts I-IV, particularly on V, suits the vibe better. Good old Trent, he’s a nice guy really


I fear they’re somewhat overwhelmed, not been able to download anything for half an hour (the link in my confirmation email sends me to a picture of a sad owl…)

This is great news. Ghosts is my WFH soundtrack and I need something new. Will wait until its on Spotify tomorrow to check it out.


Thinking this is why it’s out now! Forget bailouts for corporations, what we need to stimulate the economy is ambient gothscapes