Nine Item Fried breakfast

What are you having?


  • one rasher/sausage = one item
  • you can choose bread/toast/fried bread and that doesn’t count as an item. Though I’ll need to know whether you’re having it on white, brown or (wtf) granary.
  • likewise you can have tea or coffee. Assume the tea is standard tea and the coffee is standard filter coffee.

EDIT: Let’s go for nine items as I don’t want to be accused of stinginess. If you want fewer than nine items then that’s also fine.

9 sausages.


3x Sausages
1x Mushrooms
1x Scrambled eggs
1x Beans
1x Hash brown
2x Toast

Brown sauce

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Bacon, outside the realms of a bacon sandwich, is actually bad


9 baked beans


I’m going:

Two sausage
Two bacon
fried egg
hash brown

Oh: and

  • white toast
  • pot of tea (or a really decent sized mug)

On its own maybe. But you have a bit of the bacon with the tomato, with the mushrooms, with the beans, with the egg… I could go on.

With the hash browns…

In my opinion, there’s no point in having bacon in a fried breakfast. Sausages are infinitely better.

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2x link sausages
1x square sausage
3x tattie scones
1x scrambled eggs
1x bacon
1x black pudding

White toast with butter

Just meat, bread and potatoes, of course.

I respect your opinion, Antpoc.

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2 x bacon
2 x sausage
1 x black pudding
scrambled egg
hash brown
1 x slice white fried bread
Mug of Yorkshire Tea, milk no sugar

I probably won’t have tattie scones

And I, yours

3x sausage
2x bacon
1x poachie
1x black pud
1x baked beans (not in a separate pot)
1x hash brown

tea, white bread, please and thank you

I’d like to announce that anyone mentioning ‘tattie scones’ will be receiving a like from me


“tattie scones”

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3 x sausage
2 x bacon, crispy please
3 x hash brown
1 x beans

White toast please (for some reason white feels right with a cooked breakfast)
Can I have Orange Juice instead of tea or coffee?

Fried egg
Square sausage
Potato scone x 2
Bacon x 2
Black pudding
Fried tomato

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3 x Sausage
2 x poached egg
1 x hash brown
1 x waffle
2 x fried chicken

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the fuck

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