Ninja Foodi

Today a trip to Costco for toilet roll and cheap petrol escalated and I bought a Ninja Foodi.

Anyone got one? Any tips/warnings? Any good recipes?

Thanks in advance. Thance.

Is it the air fryer or pressure cooker?


Fancy! We have an instant pot pressure cooker and separate mini air fryer and the best thing for me was joining a dedicated Facebook group as pretty much every question I had had already been answered, there were foolproof recipes already posted etc.

I don’t know if there’s a dedicated ninja foodie one but the instant pot one is really good. This is my favourite thing to make Jayson's Pressure Cooked Mac and Cheese (includes Instant Pot instructions) - Feisty Tapas - not sure how easily the instructions translate to a ninja? That website has a lot of recipes on. Also use it for bolognese, dal, risotto, rice, mash - anything that means we don’t have to use the gas hob.

My rule of thumb on the air fryer is to reduce the temp on the packet by 10 degrees and the cooking time on the packet by 5 and that’s served me pretty well. Makes brilliant jacket potatoes but I mainly use it to make “boiled” eggs.

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Also not sure if this is the same for the ninja, but if you’re making anything with tomatoes in then the tomatoes need to go on top of everything else in the pot and not be stirred in until cooked, otherwise you get a burn notice. Ditto packet sauces with thickeners can also cause a burn notice.

You also need to make sure that if for example you sauté things like onions first in the pot before pressure cooking you deglaze the base - basically just using a wooden spoon and a bit of water to scrape any burnt bits off the bottom.

That is definitely one of the least-appealing brand names ever

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