Nintendo Game and Watch

Hello. What was your favourite Nintendo game and watch?

Mine was snoopy tennis. Parachute was good too.

Looking forward to some G&W chat.

well jealous!

Have you held on to them since the 80s/90s or purchased more recently?

Mr Game & Watch is a fantastic character in Smash Bros and for his Final Smash he only goes and turns into the octopus there and fucks shit up.
also that Fort game has caused a mini controversy for Smash:

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Had Mario Bros and Flagman.
Did anyone ever have the actual Game Watches from Nintendo? I had the Mario 3 one:

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had a few of these, bomb sweeper was my favourite

Oil Panic
Donkey Kong
Bomb sweeper
Gold cliff

I had this but the first one. Still got it but the strap is broken so I can’t wear it anymore.

Get a new strap. Need to wear it around like a boss.
Mine is long gone.
Also had this non-Nintendo Street Fighter 2 one at somepoint as well. Could only play as Blanka or Guile.

Yes fair to say I was a lonely child :rofl:
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