Nintendo Game and Watch


Hello. What was your favourite Nintendo game and watch?

Mine was snoopy tennis. Parachute was good too.

Looking forward to some G&W chat.


Ive got 2 at home

one where you have to get passed an octopu s and grab treasure

one where you have to hit people on the head before they set fire to your fort


well jealous!

Have you held on to them since the 80s/90s or purchased more recently?


Held on to them since i was a kid

these two


Mr Game & Watch is a fantastic character in Smash Bros and for his Final Smash he only goes and turns into the octopus there and fucks shit up.
also that Fort game has caused a mini controversy for Smash:


Had Mario Bros and Flagman.
Did anyone ever have the actual Game Watches from Nintendo? I had the Mario 3 one:


had a few of these, bomb sweeper was my favourite

Oil Panic
Donkey Kong
Bomb sweeper
Gold cliff


I had this but the first one. Still got it but the strap is broken so I can’t wear it anymore.


Get a new strap. Need to wear it around like a boss.
Mine is long gone.
Also had this non-Nintendo Street Fighter 2 one at somepoint as well. Could only play as Blanka or Guile.

Yes fair to say I was a lonely child :rofl: