Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


Oh, I agree - More coming at it from the angle of it being the fair bit of criticism in all this. I don’t think the rest is too bad personally, but I think it’s a bit off to have no Save backup option without paying.


so switch online looks like hot trash, right? probably won’t be paying for that.


Will you not want to play anything online?


if its as shitty as the online on wii and wii u, then it’ll be unplayable anyway, so probably not.


pretty much. but saves, a bunch of NES games, and yeah the option to play online make it just about worth it for me.

hopefully they nail online smash bros but i’m not holding my breath


ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Rocket League run like a dream for me on Switch. Only ever had about two dropped games in Splatoon 2 in a year of playing it.


The length of time to find a match in Splatoon 2 bugs me a bit, but think it’s been spotless in terms of connectivity.


If they can just put all of the old Marios and Zeldas on the streaming servce thing kind of immediately please


Though most of my playtime with the switch is when I’m out of the house/not on WiFi so not sure how this will work/if I’ll benefit.


Where does it say it is streaming? I didn’t know the game streaming actually worked well.


I don’t think it does say that…

Play classic NES games anytime, anywhere, with anyone – with added online features!
If you join the paid Nintendo Switch Online membership service, you can get access to a growing library of classic NES titles. Share a Joy-Con for multiplayer fun, or even play with friends online!

My reading is that the NES games would likely be downloadable; it’s the only way they can fulfill the “anytime/anywhere/anyone” promise.


Just because it was sold as Netflix for Nintendo games. Aye, you’re right, can probably be downloaded but wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t own them as such and you play them through a platform.

Think it’s been said that the Virtual Console is pretty horrible for third parties and indies. Got a new 2D platformer? Why not compete with us dumping decades worth of the most beloved 2D platformers of all time on Virtual Console at once?

I reckon the way this service is rolled out might try to mitigate that effect somewhat.


Theylll be doenloadable but the licence will be dependent on whether or not you have an active online subscription. Much like ps now and game pass/ganes with gold


There was also a good point on the NVC podcast a fortnight back, before this announcement, around how VC as we once knew it would be dead.

VC on Wii was amazing because it allowed studios to use the framework Nintendo had built to make some easy cash off of their old IP really easily, like Sega classics, Capcom rereleases etc. But now, there is Steam, compilation packages, remasters, direct sale on the various platforms, PS Plus giveaways, mobile, free to play, retro mini consoles, etc. to sell your game on and earn 100% of the revenue from.

VC on the Wii U was largely Nintendo games and the odd other developer, so see people like Sega, Square and Capcom probably going their own way with this, if they choose to.


Lots of people very angry on Eurogamer about this. I’m not entirely surprised. This comment rings very true though, and is something Nintendo should be afraid of:

"Unfortunately when this goes live I can see the online community for ARMS, Splatoon, etc. dying out.

A lot of people have the Switch as a second system and won’t want to pay for a sub par experience even if it is cheaper when they already pay for Xbox Live / PSN."

And this reply too:

“I can definitely see that happening. I already canceled my preorder of Mario Tennis Aces because I know I’m not gonna slap down more money for this subscription, and the main reason I was going to get that game was to play online”

Switch is my only console, so £18 isn’t a big issue for me, but mates who play Rocket League on it as their third platform choice aren’t gonna stump up the cash for that.


See, I feel like those folk are being exceptionally petty. Christ, I pay £10 a month for music. This is near enough £2 a month.

Also, the back up issue is being used as a lightning rod when it shouldn’t be. I have to pay Google to back up my phone, and apple do that too, so Nintendo are following that lead. If you want a back up, schtump the small cash. Plus, it looks like the family subscription could be used amongst eight of us to cut the price!

Thanks say this as a single console owning switch player mind.


Good news Vamos

If you read carefully their statement implies that the £20 charge wont apply to all games online and that it only will deffo apply to the nintendo games. It said something like 'other games online srvices may or may not charge) or something to that effect. So there is a chance R.League wont charge,


Valve, Sony and Microsoft dont charge for cloud saves and is considered a vital feature these days. It’s kind of a dick move to put it behind a paywall. Especially if you dont give the player an option to back up save data at all locally.

And it seems even worse when you bare in mind you are more likely to break or lose the switch than the other consoles.

Also I dont pay google to back up my data… wut?


I was lead to believe Sony did. No?


I stand corrected. But I believe you can manually backup your saves on an external hard drive?