Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


Yeah, no that you definitely can. I guess that’s what a lot of folk wanted? It makes sense (and feels like Nintendo might have even though about it what with the sd card) but keeping it locked down makes sense.

Look, I’m no Nintendo apologist and I was pretty fucked off by the Wii in the end, but this seems like crowing for crowing sake.


I’ll pay the 20 quid as long as the performance is acceptable. This and the ps plus games is why I paid 19 quid every 3 months for PS4. I think this basically means ditching p2p. Will they fuck.


Also I don’t care about free classic nes games. We’ve all played them a million times before and can emulate them if we really want. I’m happy to shell out a tenner or whatever for a nes game if I want to play it on my switch


So does this explain why when they made the mini nes and mini snes they only made three each? They didn’t WANT us to have access to those games forever! Clever Nintendo, very clever.


You can buy a mini SNES from amazon right now for £69 and it’ll arrive tomorrow.


NES mini is back on sale later this year as well.


There goes another conspiracy theory


I do wonder how many people actually fall into the category of having played them loads before/emulate them.

I haven’t played those games (and always found emulators a little frustrating) so what they’ve announced sounds p interesting to me.

I could be a rarity in that regard tho?


Yeah I have a mini snes but can’t be fucked to get it out, plug into TV etc but on the Switch…


1 left in stock! … apparently I’ve sold 8 to you guys on here.


honestly, most nes games are shit nowadays. i’ve emulated a fair few in the past and have got like 10 minutes of fun out of them.



Of the ones listed so far, I’d say there’s 3 or 4 of interest, and in 2 cases there’s a better version of the exact same game on the SNES.


I have a raspberry pi with all Snes, mega drive NES games in it. MYbe I should crack it open again.


16 bit games have generally aged way better than 8 bit games (and you could argue, most 32 and 64 bit games)


Despite owning a Wii and Wii U, I’ve still never played any NES game bar the first Mario Bros and my entire SNES back catalogue is Super Metroid and A Link to the Past. So I’m with you, and am quite keen to finally tackle a couple of these, notably Mario 3 and the original Zelda.


Good news. Mario 3 is still an OUTSTANDING game.


The original Zelda is rough as hell to play though. No idea how anyone ever finished it.


Noooooo!! :frowning:


Got it on the Gamecube Zelda collectors edition. Had played every Zelda game other than I and II. Was like what the actual WTF is this shit. I get that it was basically the BOTW of its day but the gameplay has aged horribly