Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


I don’t think it’s going to do as badly as the EG comments section would have you believe.

I can understand criticism from those to whom voice chat is an integral part of their gaming experience, but tbh to me and many of Nintendo’s core market it’s probably a benefit overall. I don’t want to hear someone telling me I’m a n****r for blue shelling them. If I want voice chat then it’ll be with friends, and Discord will do.

Save backups - think I understand why it’s off the table, but I think it’s a fair cop to have a go at Nintendo over not providing any alternative.

The rest? Reads to me mostly as people who made up their minds it was going to be terrible over a year ago. £2-3 a month (or as little as £4 a year if you club together) and you expect free modern indie titles every month? Developers have to eat too y’know!


Aye. I can see a lot of the future Zelda games in the original, but it’s underdeveloped when compared to the 8-bit Mario, Kirby or Metroid games. It’s interesting from a historical perspective, but there’s loads of stuff I’d rather play.


Oh yeah, I’m totally with you. Being angry about spending £18 on this seems a bit petty to me. It really doesn’t concern me at all. But I do think it’d be a shame if games like ARMS, with a small online crowd, sees a drop off in players. Probably won’t though. If you like it enough to still be playing it, you’re probably the kinda person who’ll fork out £18 for this service.


£20 can be a lot of money to people who cannot afford it. Should never criticize people for saying something is too expensive as it’s all relative.

Some people are being hyperbolic though, I get that.


True, it’s all relative. A guy at work often moans to me about skint, but he buys 3 coffees a day and has a £45 a month phone bill. Whereas other people I know won’t spend a penny over £10 on a meal out but will happily pay £50 a month for Sky. Different strokes, different folks.

I personally find the majority of vocal gamers want the world for not a lot of cash. I grew up in an era where a game cost me £59.99 (probably £100+ in modern day cash) back then, that was a month’s salary after outgoings. Games and services are half of that nowadays within a week of being on sale and a third of that second hand within days. Plus there’s constant Steam sales, Humble bundle deals, emulators, free to play models plus development costs now are insane. Just find all this whining about a sum like this a bit OTT in the grand scheme of modern day outgoings and given what PS Plus costs now (though I know you get free games there too).


I hate to say it but a large chunk of gamers are either reliant on parents for money or unemployed. The majority of money spent on video games is by adult males ages 25 - 40 BUT a lot of gamers aren’t in that demographic and thats why games like Fortnite and League of Legends get as many players as they do.

We’re in an echo chamber on ye olde Drowned in Sound and Facebook

Especially for a Nintendo console which has traditionally been family orientated.


You’re probably right. The thing Nintendo got wrong was giving it away for free for months without the features people wanted as standard, then reverting to a paid model for things people had come to expect as the bare minimum.

If it had launched with 20 NES games to play online, cloud saves and online access for £18 a month we’d all have never blinked about its paltry cost.


And no I’m not saying Nintendo cant charge £20 per year for the thing. Just trying to see it from as many perspectives as possible before dismissing everyone whose complaining about the expense. For some people they will have a choice between this service or a game on any given month.

I will get it but I’m lucky in that I have a fulltime job and relatively low expenses and no dependents.


To be honest, if you gave me cloud saves and said carry on as you are for £0 or what they’ve said you get for £18 a year, I’d take the former. Every time.


Just ordered Tropical Freeze, enjoying platforms at the moment so very excited.

I think Enter the Gungeon might be too hard for me, I’ve put about 8 hours into it and still not managed to get past the 2nd floor. It’s great fun though.


TF is fantastic. I’m just getting into the more difficult levels and they are really rewarding once you managed to get past them.
I’m pacing it out as best I can, getting all the secret levels unlocked in a world before facing the boss. Really love it.

Gungeon is rough as hell. I’ve got a similar playtime and only cleared the 2nd stage once. I do like it, but have to be in the right space to pick it up.


Hearing so much positive stuff about TF, can’t wait!

Glad it’s not just me with Gungeon :grinning: Managed to get the 2nd floor boss to within a couple of hits a few times now, so hoping I can at least make it to the 3rd floor if I keep chipping away at it.


Have been playing Donkey Kong in FUNKY MODE 2 player co-op with my youngest. She loves it, I love it. Nothing too challenging but more than enough to keep us engaged. We rode a rhino together yesterday! It was fun. I like games being fun and I LOVE having games you can play sat together on the same sofa. More of this sort of thing.


Have you tried the Kirby Demo? Looks like it’s built for exactly that kind of experience.


Looking to get another game or two. I’ve played Zelda, Mario Odyssey and Rayman which was probably comfortably my fave.

What’s good along those lines? Was thinking maybe Celeste and that Donkey Kong one, anything else?


Stardew valley

But deffo Celeste and Donkey Kong


Also if you like puzzle ganes then I heavily recommend Battle Chef Brigade and Puyo Puyo Tetris


Completely forgot that I have Stardew Valley. My wife’s logged a good 100 odd hours on that, but all I’ve ever done is the fishing. :slight_smile:


I haven’t but I will do!


Should I buy a Switch, bearing in mind that I haven’t owned a Nintendo console since the SNES and have had severe buyer’s regret over every console since.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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