Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming



It’s in my Amazon basket as we speak but, I dunno, I don’t feel very excited about clicking the button?


In all seriousness, have you tried it already? Any particular games you’re excited for? If you’re not actually excited about buying it that’s not a good sign :grinning:

I’d not picked up a console since the Wii (admittedly that’s not too long ago, but still), had lost interest in console gaming entirely, and in recent years only really played Overwatch and Rocket League on my PC. I can safely say the Switch is one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, and Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart alone have all made it worth it for me.

Being able to undock the console, play it on the go / in bed / anywhere, put games to sleep and pick it back up again at the press of a button, are all also huge game changers for me personally. Train/plane journeys wizz by, and the convenience in a household where the telly is shared and my PC was tucked away in a lonely corner of the flat is awesome.

But that’s just my experience, could be totally different for you.


Anytime anyone else has played with mine they’ve immediately wanted one


I haven’t tried it. My primary motivation is for something up distract me from my terrible anxiety in airports and on planes, figuring that firing up Stardew Valley or something might be quite relaxing.

My secondary motivation is for stuff to play on the couch with 'er indoors, which my PC is not so good at.

Tertiary motivation is Mario Odyssey and BotW being supposedly two of the best games of the generation. I’m personally intrigued by Donkey Kong, as I loved Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. I’ve also rediscovered my love for platformers in general.


I went from not having a console in a decade to playing this all the fucking time… Now I use it less, but still a couple of times a week and it’s brilliant if you travel for work or otherwise travel alone at all. Certainly don’t have any buyers remorse. Even if I play it relatively sporadically over the next 5 years I’ll get great value from it


It is the ideal console for the things you have described.

Playing on the sofa while the gf has the telly on is a legit game changer.






FINE, I’ve bought it. Ffs .

thanks for your help, everyone


In that case, please accept my obligatory recommendation of Rayman Legends. It’s a brilliantly designed platformer, it’s got masses of content, and it’s less than £25 in a lot of places.


I’ve got it on PC and didn’t get on with it. The controls felt wooly and imprecise to me.


One of us one of us


Get donkey kong if you loved country the soundtrack and sound design will send you into a nostalgia enduced frenzy of happy


Already ordered, friend!


Did exactly this on a flight yesterday, made it go so quickly


Can you please tell me where you got this as I think I may know this guy.


You know Shia Labeouf?


Oh it’s Shia, yeah we go way back.


Just got to the level with Aquatic Ambiance <3 <3 <3