Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming



why is my Switch not here yet


I bought Celeste today after the rave reviews in this thread. Loving it so far. Thanks for the recommendation.


Just realised my copy of Tropical Freeze is being delivered by Hermes :grimacing: Had loads of hassle with them losing stuff in the past.


Don’t worry they usually just lob it over your fence


It gets better beloeve it or not. Gosh what an anazong gane!


Apaprently a massive splatoon anouncement is going to be made just before e3.


I’d be happy if they did that tbh. Last thing they tried to deliver said “Out for delivery” for 2 weeks on the tracking information until they finally said it had been stolen from the back of the van.


Tbf of it was stolen it wouldnt have been scanned back into the warehouse so it wouldve been out for delivery forever. Of course the driver shouldve said something when he noticed the next delivery wasnt in the back of the bloody van


Yeah, that’s a fair point. Just checked the tracking info and it still says out for delivery :rofl:


Any day now


I briefly thought that said spotted at regional depot.


how many fucking regional depots are there?!?!


So another Monster Hunter game has just been announced for Switch. Localized version of a classic DS game.


Oh! Looking at coming soon and just saw that Disco Dodgeball is coming, sweet!


Wonder what this is? Something game related like Battle Royale mode? A new play style? Further commitment to another year of support? A knockout tournament tied into the Online Service?

Or something else entirely, given its cult status, like a TV show, tie in with a clothing brand, comic etc.

Been playing ARMS and this again this week, and there is SO much new content for both of them since I last booted them up. Wish more people I knew still played them…


Already had my mind blown a little bit when doing the setup. “Why is it telling me to detach the joy con things? Then they won’t work. Must be to teach you how to do WAIT WHAT”

My total ignorance of this thing is going to be fun.


There’s several minutes of fun in just detaching and reattaching them to get that satisfying click.


The latch on on my left joycon is chipped (I think from the kids being heavy handed with them) so it detaches without having to press the little button on the back. It’s just not quite as satisfying detaching and reattaching it anymore :cry:


DKTF has been delivered! Can I go home now?