Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming




If you jump into a barrel on the way home youll get home quicker


I’m not playing mine until 'er indoors gets, er, indoors. I want to share in the joy.


Yeah, same here. I spoke to Nintendo and they said they’d fix it. Under warranty too


This is the only I want on switch at the moment, too expensive though :frowning:


I managed to find it for £35 on Amazon marketplace. It’s still quite expensive but justified it by saying I’m not going to buy beer for the rest of the month :grinning:


Ok, downloading Celeste as we speak.


And Bamnan has just opened up Picross


That’s good to know. I wonder how long it would take them to do the repair. I’ve ordered a replacement latch as it looks pretty easy to do yourself, but I guess that’s going to void the warranty. I’ve kind of gotten used to it now anyway, so might just leave it unless it gets worse.


any1 wanna play mario kart?


I would but the family will be back in a minute.


hi guys, problem:

when not attached to the screen, both my joycons controls are all over the place. left on the joystick moves the cursor up, right down, up, right. A and X are inverted…


Sounds like they might be in two player mode? Does it happen if you put them in the controller dock thing?


ah fixed


Now i know why dkc tropical feeze cqn never be as good as Rayman Legends. The underwater controls feel horrible. Its making the blow fish boss fight increibly frustrating in a bad way. Feels so unresponsive


Rayman legends is such a delight


Don’t remember having an issue with those controls, but the bosses in TF are really, really tough. Lots to learn if you’re gonna beat them.

Don’t think I’m anywhere near as in love with Rayman Legends as lots of you on here either. Probably didn’t help that I adored Origins and absolutely rinsed it, but it just felt like a higher resolution retread of that to me, albeit with some truly wonderful music levels. I also found the controls a bit floaty in it too, with big windows to perform in, which created a nice rhythm on the constantly moving levels but felt left the more methodical, slower paced levels feeling a bit hit and miss. After the tightness of Celeste’s movement, reckon it’d be hard to go back to some of these games.


I had a bit of an issue with the floatyness playing the demo way back. Want to give it another crack before deciding it’s definitely not for me though


Played 3 and a half levels of Celeste on the plane. Got 50 strawberries and 2 cassettes. Died 1000 times.

Good fun but got quite frustrated when I didn’t understand how the bouncy clouds work.


I’m on the final level and I still don’t REALLY understand how the bouncy clouds work.