Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


does no one wanna do some mario kart anymore? :frowning:


I’d be up for a session soon but can’t do today


Had a couple of beers in town, trying to play DK on the train home and it’s not going well.


Not got it mate, sorry. If they announce DLC for it at E3, I’m back on board.


@profk Have you tried out that USB dongle that let’s you connect a ps4 controller?


aye. works flawlessly!


Cool, might pick one up.


I’d probably recommend even if you don’t have PS4 controllers lying about. Imo PS4 controllers are better than the pro, and cheaper too


How does the analogue vs no travel on the joy con work?


Don’t understand, sorry :frowning:


The triggers on the JoyCons are on/off single click. I assume the DualShock4 has analogue triggers? L1 or something?

How does that translate?


I’ve tried both and have found no discernible difference in button config tbh


I don’t really read games criticism or anything so I’m not sure if people are aware of this: that Zelda game is Quite Good.


L2 and R2 are analog. L1 and R1 are digital.

I’d assume it’d register any press on L2 and R2 and a button press, unless it translates a certain posistion as ‘on’ and ‘off’

Wonder if dongle for Xbox One Pro controller as you can make teh buttons single click on that if you’d like. HMMMMMMMM


Also I think the PS4 controller is the worst of the generation. The triggers are so cheaply made its tragic. Everyone I know, myself included, with fairly strong hands end up breaking them.

The Xbox Controllers and Pro Controllers have better ergonomics and build quality.


Never heard anyone on here mention it, good tip!


Celeste is also pretty good, in case you haven’t heard


In my fav news and picture of the week. Charles Martinet the voice of the Mario universe is going to be a playable character in the probably excellent Bit.Trip Runner 3

Was a day one for me anyways, as bit.trip rummer is a delightful series, but this is just hilarious :smiley:


tell you what I’d like to play on the switch