Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


reckon I’m going to have to sell my switch :frowning:


Aw no, sorry Bam, why?


just dead broke and it’s easy money to sell it to GAME


should I get the zelda dlc before taking on ganon?


I’d wait till after but it’s not that much either way. The hero’s path map is helpful for tracking down last shrines though


I lost all will to do it after beating Ganon. Wish I’d done it before. Then again, when I get really nostalgic for the game, there’ll be plenty to come back to

  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
  • Dixie Kong
  • Cranky Kong
  • Funky Kong

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Why anyone would pick Diddy over Dixie is a mystery, hes literally just a worse version of Dixie


Properly stuck in Celeste. In the fifth level (Mirror Temple) and need to get a key. I can see where I need to go (along a narrow passage covered in the red shit at the bottom of one of the moving platforms) but simply cannot do it.

Have died at least 200 times on this screen.



Just completed Celeste! :grinning: Wow. Blimey. What an experience.

4507 deaths. Fifteen strawberries. Ok I’m terrible at the game but I stuck at it.

wait there’s an epilogue! How the hell do you get through this bloody blue thing?


oh I get it I need hearts… Do you find those in b sides? I think this may be where I have to now out, I only just made it through the main game!


should I get celeste or the zelda expansions?

  • zelda
  • celeste

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Have you run out of stuff to do in Zelda? I’d say Celeste if you enjoy 2D platformers. It’s definitely GOTY contender for me.


There are remixes of every level known as B-Sides and C-sides as well as an extra section known as the ‘Heart of the Mountain’ not for the faint of heart


Forget GOTY contender. As someone with a love of 2d platformers as well as a history of anxiety and depression it might just be one of the best games EVER imho


I’ve done all four divine beasts, almost done all memories. just collecting armour, doing side quests etc now. would quite like to do the dlc before facing ganon though.


I downloaded the DLC before doing Ganon and thought it added to the story pretty well. Personallu don’t think it would work as well afterwards.



I have 4x PS3 controllers kicking around. Will it work with them?


in fact, i’m not sure whether it works with more than one controller… but yeah, ps3 controllers are supported without motion control.