Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


warriors on DS was such a joy. can’t remember which games they were based on?


Apparently the Switch version is both the Wii U version and the DS version remixed.


The dynasty warrior games


That’s my birthday. Could it be a sign? :thinking:


Good to know. This is on my maybe list at the moment.


Too many games to play on this console




Mostly non-(video)gaming gf has asked how to work the Switch so she can keep playing Mario Kart when I’m not in.

I think that’s another convert.


I’m alright for this thanks. Would prefer more Starfox in the form of the epic space battles in Zero or an F-Zero game, not a shite mash up of the two. Though, knowing Retro and how they nailed Mario Kart 7, it’d probably be amazing.


welllllllll if it was starfox in the form of, say, wipeout, i MIGHT be listening


( but yeah i’d be much more into just normal starwing fun)


Retro working on a new Star Fox :grin: …racing game… :confused:


Hackers do what Nintendon’t.


Big fan of the new Shown Jump 50th anniversary version Japan is getting.


going to trade in some switch games at GAME tomorrow cos I need money.

Torn on whether to trade in Zelda or Mario Kart


I mean realistically am I ever going to play Zelda again?


How much will they give you for it? Could be tempted to buy it off you as conversely I wanna replay it!


£25 apparently. That might be the only one I hang on to though, will probably get rid of Mario Kart and Mario Odyssey instead.


Let me know if you change your mind. Hope you don’t have to though, never nice to have to flog something unless you want to.


I’ll buy Mario Kart off you Bam. Happy to pay what GAME are offering (or more if you need!)


hmm I wonder how much postage would be