Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


Switch games are so diddy they should qualify as Large Letters even in a padded envelope

Mario Kart probably has the most eternal replay value out of those games

You might get more for them on eBay but depends how urgent your needs are I guess


ebay is too stressful for me, I’ll just get ripped off by GAME


Got one of these as I was getting sick of not having a proper D-pad and didn’t want to shell out for a Pro controller. Seems pretty good so far. Looking forward to using it for some emulated SNES action too.


gonna trade in a dualshock 4 and horizon zero dawn for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Better be a good game!


I’m really enjoying Tropical Freeze. Solid platforming, looks great and the music’s really fun. Reckon it’d be pretty easy to blast through it, so I’m trying to take it slow and unlock the secret levels as I go along. Some of the secret levels are really hard!


getting properly addicted to Stardew Valley now


That goes against what some folk are calling the hardest game ever haha.


It is challenging for sure, but with the heaps of lives you get, certainly beatable.
The real difficulty is collecting the KONG letters, puzzle pieces and then the secret levels, which really get silly tough.


Yeah, I meant if you ignored all the collectibles and extras you’d probably get though it pretty quickly. It’s definitely challenging, but the standard levels are pretty short plus there are lots of checkpoints.


I also understand that following beating the game you get a whole new reason to play through again.


yeah, Funky mode!


Mario Tennis Aces Pre-launch online tournament June 1st to 3rd.
We will be able to download the trial on May 25th.
Playable characters are Mario, Bowser, Peach and Yoshi.


You also get in game loot for participating



I only went to give my sheep Shawn a pat on the back :’(


How do you organise your crops in Stardew Valley?

  • Neat little sections for each crop
  • Shove em all wherever

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Every time I try and separate them I forget which crops are which because I usually buy a few of each kind at a time and can’t tell which seeds are which from what’s already growing


why did I buy donkey kong?!


To get to the other side of the road!


well played


think I was just a bit miserable and wanted something new to play.

Could have bought Celeste but the hype has put me right off


Funky Mode?