Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming


It’s not impossible, but deceptively tricky for a colourful Nintendo platformer. I beat it though, so it’s in no way brutally hard. Just requires a bit of patience and learning some patterns. Hardest parts are the bosses and secret areas.


yeah I’m enjoying it - 1st old school platformer I’ve had on the switch. Played it in my lunchbreak yesterday, perfect for that


Tempted to buy Hyrule Warriors. Never played it on Wii U, never played a Warriors game, reviews are very positive and I love a bit of Nintendo fan service. Anyone got previous?


My mate got fire emblem warriors and said it was absolute ass


Fire Emblem Warriors was okay for quick plays, but yeah after a few missions it got shitty. I’ve heard a lot of people say Hyrule is the best one doe


Is it a hack and slash thing?


Pretty much, with a lot of fan service


Ahm oot


That does look really cool…games like that always benefit from a dedicated single player mode. If the actual game mechanics are as good as that Nintendo Switch demonstration hinted…this could actually be a seriously underrated game.

There is part of me that wishes it was an update of the Mario Tour from the Game Boy Colour game…where you developed an unknown player through a tennis college…but I’ve got Golf Story to scratch that itch when I finally get my switch.


Next time you get jaded from playing too many switch games can you just lend me your console until you get your enthusiasm back?


might have to sell it soon to make some money anyway!


Had it on wiiu. Fine for what it is. Repetitive hack and slash 3d beatemup in Zelda garb. Never bothered with all the dlc as they took the piss with the pricing. Looks pretty good value but I must stress VERY repetitive. The height of strategy is “quick we need help at this location…”.


Finally managed to get past this last night (after well over an hour and 500+ deaths) but it’s soured me a little on the whole game.

Did I miss something earlier in the game or am I really the only person who finds it a bit shite that you get to a part where the crazy dash-jump move you have to make has never even been mentioned before? The game is difficult enough to start with.

Anyway, to try and get past my irritation I went back to find some more strawberries and do the first B-side. Don’t think I’ll get through them all.


Not a new mechanic. Just a new obstacle from what i recall. Dont remember it knocking me off my stride so much


wow some of these bonus levels in Donkey Kong Country are crazy hard!

Spent 90 minutes to best one level today


Fair enough. One I hadn’t used at all prior to this. Had to watch a bunch of youtube videos to even find out how to do it.


I just got to the final boss (around 15 hours), but want to got back through all the K levels I gave up on before I attack it.
Really love the game, so many great mechanics and little moments.


it’s definitely growing on me, I’m in world 3 now. Compulsion to collect every puzzle piece before I move on is driving me insane though


I won’t move on until I’ve got the KONG letters, but the puzzle pieces can do one. The letters have a worthwhile unlock too, whereas the puzzle pieces are just concept art.
I will go back for them, but the urge to see the next level is pushing me forward.


yeah what I should probably do is get through all of the worlds then do a collectathon sweep afterwards