Nintendo Switch - Diablo 3 with zelda content coming



Done the tutorial and am now 2-1 up against Bowser. Have a call in a minute though… nooooooooo!

And just cancelled the match by mistake! Will call that a victory.


My son will be pleased .


Actually I think it is best of three games because I just won another 2-0.


this is fun. unlocked waluigi


Some random just smashed fuck out of me.

Just smashed fuck out of some randomer.


It good?


in the finals. cleaning the floor with these n00bs


Yeah it’s good fun. Just had an epic tie breaker with some fucker in the second round which I won. Hopefully will still be in the third round when I go back.

I have the raw skills but those guys are better than me on the special shots.


these really annoying toads pop up at the bottom of the screen and commentate when you get to the final


Sounds great


No. Because I’m at work.



I’m no ProfK, just got done in the semis (pretty pleased with that though!).


best rally so far

also mario sucks so much.


just won a tournament with chain chomp lol


I’m properly shite at this…


Had a couple of games. I’m rubbish at the mo.


Anyone else play the Sushi Striker demo?

The feel of that game is bloody incredible, and it’s so full of life and has really charming and fun writing. The anime cutscenes are delightful and done really well, I’m still super surprised they’re selling this for £40 but a quick whirl in the demo the game certainly feels to an incredibly high standard. Turns out it’s published by Nintendo… so that’ll explain the exceptional production value.


It didn’t click with me. I knew the anime was going to fall flat for me, but was intrigued with the gameplay enough to try the demo.
I did like how it plays but thought it felt horrid with the controller. Can see it being a blast on the 3ds with the stylus, but just didn’t click on Switch.


I thought it felt fine with the controller. Also there is touch screen controls, but I haven’t tried that.


I’ll give it another go.
For some reason I just haven’t bothered with any touch screen business on the switch, aside from the odd password entry.