Nintendo Switch - Doom Eternal announced for Switch


There is a proper ‘core’ pokemon game coming out next year btw, this is a spin off


Got me wondering if it’ll be literally just a Go-ified 3D version of Yellow for new fans. I didn’t see anything in the way of new content for those of us who’ve been playing for years and do not Go.


Leaving aside the game itself for a minute, it looks exactly how I imagined Pokémon Blue in my head all those years ago. I don’t want to be interested in this, but I am - mainly through Nostalgia.


It’s basically Yellow with a new/simplified catching mechanic. I’m fine with it and will likely buy it to tie me over next year. If they had shown this without telling us there is a core one coming second half of 2019 I’d be disappointed


I really hope the next proper game is a big departure from the Sun and Moon games, so many infuriating cutscenes, first games I haven’t finished even once.


There’s something out today on Switch for free too called Pokémon Quest. No idea what that is…

Never played a Pokémon game but this has £££££££s all over it. Parents best get saving…


It’s basically a mobile game. Your Pokemon waddle around the island, fighting wild pokemon waves, you push icons to get them to do moves between auto attack. Random drops, currency, timers, that kind of thing.

It’s a cute distraction


This just a 3D remake of the old games yeah? Turn based battles and that?


Vs Trainers: Yes
Vs Wild Pokemone: Doesn’t appear to be any combat, you just try to catch them. And it also looks like random encounters have been removed to work more like Pokemon Go



Will wait and see in that case…


But otherwise, yeah basically a 1 to 1 remake of Pokemon Yellow


FYI I have absolutely zero interest in Pokemon. Thanks for reading.


Go back to picking up strangers in your car you weird Balloon


I’ve tried to play the old pokemons but they’re kinda rubbish games, it’s mostly nostalgia and the whole “collect lots of different things” isn’t it.


I don’t know really, my son has some pikachu PJs, that is about all I know.


good introductions to a certain type of videogames.

backed up with a massively popular cartoon and card trading game. it was a behemoth at the time, which I was probably too old for tbh. :man_shrugging:


I wonder if MISSINGNO will be in it


‘passed out’ for the first time in Stardew Valley. Linus robbed 2000 gold an all my minerals off me, the prick


yeah I mean the “brand” is strong or whatever but I’m not a child so don’t care about cross media blah blah etc. Definitely some cute creature designs but the combat always felt both shallow and tedious at the same time, the RPG elements really flat. The collecting stuff has appeal it’s just a shame they couldn’t make a more engaging game with it.


It’s a harsh lesson, but it needed to be learnt.