Nintendo Switch - Doom Eternal announced for Switch


The man has good taste in games


Just played my first round of 60 seconds and it’s great fun!

Basically you start the game and nukes are dropping and you have 60seconds to grab what you can in your house and throw it into your shelter. After that the game becomes a choose your own adventure game ala oregon train where you divy rations, make decisions and try to survive the fallout whilst you wait for the government to save you.

First game we lasted 47 days, we died when the father went crazy and started feeding cockroaches our remaining supplies.


A playthrough lasts about 30mins


If I recall correctly, Mario Tennis should work now peeps




Hot shit! Sorry my love, dinner from the freezer tonight!


You bastard!


Tomorrow ain’t it


Oops, sorry! Nintendo UK gave me a reminder about ‘Dont forget to play Mario online from 15:00 hours’ this morning. I presumed they meant TODAY.


I didn’t recall correctly, peeps.


Am WFH tomorrow afternoon…


Good news guys

According to Pokemon CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara , the core RPG game will not be influenced by Pokemon Go. He noted that the Pokemon Let’s Go games do have a lot of similarities to the mobile game. This is to establish a consistency for those who only joined the franchise with the app


Some of the new games that’ll be playable at E3 have possibly leaked. Destructoid have confirmed some of these games are on their embargoed list of known upcoming releases. Have spoilered it in case you’d rather not know. I didn’t mean to, saw it on Twitter alas:


I downloaded Cat Quest last night :cat2:


Picked up Fifa as it was reduced and started playing the World cup ultimate team mode.
Really enjoy building a team and getting a new player after each match.

Still have no fullbacks and a very weak midfield but have Messi and Ronaldinho so just got to make sure I score more.


best soundtrack ever though

well up for this new game


I loved the Super Sonic Racing song at the time. Super catchy!


Owlboy has been delivered! But I can’t play it until Sunday at the absolute earliest.


Sounds like Fortnite is coming to Switch. I’ve played some with my little brother and had fun. Not sure it has much long term appeal but looking forward to giving it a proper go (it’s free to play I think??)


So, can you play Mario Tennis now, peeps?