Nintendo Switch - Doom Eternal announced for Switch


Two games left of the season, I’m on 37 points, and my first choice goalie gets a 4 month injury. No problem, deploy my backup goalie, a promising young English keeper.

Then he gets called up for the England under 18s.

Wtf @Antpocalypsenow

Jokes on you though I stayed up, shitty 3rd choice keeper and all.


All of which is to say FM18 on switch is just as addictive as pc version. Wish I was less shit at it though


Ouch. Sorry…


Is Pokemon Quest worth playing?


It’s ok, shitty 3rd choice actually won 3rd place young player of the month. Even though we lost and drew two games vs crap teams.

(It’s Taye Ashby-Hammond, brother of the less shit Luca Ashby-Hammond, deputy to the generally quite good Marcus Bettinelli)


(In all seriousness, if you can let me know which season this was in and the date of the fixture it would be great, ta)


I played it for about three minutes and got bored.


2nd season, (18-19), premier league. And it was last two matches of season (11.5.19, 19.5.19)

Any way to avoid kids being called up for internationals? Also lost a good centre mid cause I’m a cheapskate and play kids instead of proper mids.


It’s supposed to either avoid scheduling youth games at the same time as domestic fixtures (although I think, in reality, there is always a clash around the end of the season) or send the kids off to international duty at a later stage than the rest of the squad.

The ability to get them to withdraw is only there for friendly fixtures


It’s not very good really. In particular it suffers from 30 minute wait timers.


Apparently Square Enix has created a switch focused team who are working on othwr titles alongside octopath. Man if the switch is going to be the rebirth of old skool square im all for it


Anyone here ever played a Pikmin game before? Listening to this weeks Cane and Rinse reminds me that there were rumours years back that Pikmin 4 was done and dusted (for Wii U I guess, not that crappy 2D one on 3DS) but shelved for a rainy day. Maybe we’ll be seeing it this E3?

Anyone excited by this, or is this a series that doesn’t mean much to most of us?


I loved the first two Pikmin games on the Gamecube (I think), but not played any of them since. Would definitely get a Switch version.


I only played the first one, but it’s one of my all time favourites and would love another on the switch


Very much enjoyed the original. Never completed it mind you.


Great games. 3 was the best yet. Definitely looking forward to 4 when it eventually appears.


Good to see some love on here! Rarely found someone that’s played one before. It’s the Nintendo franchise many people overlook, and I say that as someone who only played Pikmin 3 out of a lack of anything else on Wii U, somewhat reluctantly, and ended up adoring it once I got past the unconventional controls and day cycles. Really hope 4 is coming as 1,2 and 3 all came out on consoles that underperformed.


I’ve got 1 on the GameCube. Never had time to do it justice (or anything else on the GC really) as the kids were small back then. Might dig it out at some point - think it’s a game that will work well on the switch though



Would kill for an old school Final Fantasy title or new Chrono game