Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


Surprised MK8 Deluxe wasn’t rebranded MK Switch and didn’t add an ability to swap drivers, a la Double Dash. Felt a no brainer to me!


GC got Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Wii got Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

Wii U got Twilight Princess & Wind Waker HD and Breath of the Wild.

So quite rare to get two exclusive Zeldas in a generation, but Breath of the wild doesn’t fit that mould either. Fairly safe to presume we’ll get another in 2-3 years time.


I did think this after posting it…though I only half agree.

Twilight Princess is a GC game really…that’s what it was developed for. Wind Waker is an update. Aside from that fair enough.


Honestly hope we get some new IP. Intrigued by a new Luigi’s Mansion or Pilotwings having never properly played them and also think a new Wii Sports could be fun, but the success of BOTW, Splatoon and ARMS all being developed by younger developers within Nintendo shows that this could be a new golden era. Young developers who learned under Miyamoto and Iwata, creating the next smash hits.


Would be well up for a totally new franchise…and they do typically release at least one per generation. No Lugi’s Mansion though…that game is pish. Blast Corps, anyone?


Snipperclips did well for them as well though I know they didn’t develop it


Oh yeah, totally. I guess it’s more that I don’t truly see BOTW as a Switch game. I played it on Wii U and it seems from the design of the Sheikh slate, the motion puzzles, the interactive map, etc that it was primarily developed for that console and then tweaked. Can’t wait to see how they’d develop a Zelda game when you’re on a dedicated machine.




I reckon they’ll use most of the format, if they do make another game. No issues with that…like Ocarina of Time and Super Mario Galaxy…when you make a game that close to perfect…there’s nothing wrong with stringing it out for extra games.


Not touched switch in a while. Loved Zelda and mario kart is good for a quick blast. SPLAToon 2 didn’t do it for me at all. Mario Odyssey was alright but not something I have any desire to plug away at collecting stars, I know I’m a tiny minority here. Struggling now to find something to catch my interest, would like to play bayonetta as I quite enjoyed the first one on the 360 but it’s not something that I’ll be spending £40-£50 on. Is there anything big on the horizon?


Tropical freeze. Mario Tennis


I’m with you. And I think @the-breacher is spot on. Bit more focused dungeons, few better Switch specific Joy Con features like HD Rumble, rejigged era in Hyrule or a new map, same engine. Everyone would be chuffed.


Imagine a version of clock town (from majora’s mask) that’s open world and much larger…complete with oddball characters. Id go giddy with excitement.

I’m saying this all having not played BotW…and I know many would want more dungeons…but 4 seems okay to me. In the games with 8/9…you always get a few duffers in there.


Miyamoto says he hopes the switch will have a 6-7 year lifespan. I hope he’s right


Mario Kart except you sit in a little cardboard box racing kart while playing


Damn why am I thinking about buying bayonetta


Arms, though. That was it.


You can now use your gold coins as a discount on the eshop.
I’m still slightly pissed they aren’t retroactively applying the drop rate increase, but it is better than a kick in the teeth.
Grabbed one of those Neo Geo fighters for 65p real money top up.


Sweet I’m going to get myself a free game


Subthread. Iirc I had about 15pounds in e coin. What should I buy?