Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


I’ve been dipping into Darkest Dungeon, which is rock hard but aesthetically fantastic.
Not sure if your bag, but hours worth of game if you fall for it.


I’ve got a Game voucher from Xmas which is sat gathering dust, makes sense to make use of the buy eshop credit get £10 off a game deal. Torn between two games… Let democracy decide!

  • Mario + Rabbids
  • Skyrim (which I’ve never played on another system)

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Mario and Rabbids but you can’t go wrong here


It’s really really hard, I’ve done the soulsbourne games numerous times but this is kicking my arse

Not that they’re very similar - this is much more combo based but yeah


What they did wit BOTW is take a large number of dungeons worth of stuff, break it down into smaller chunks and make them into Shrines. Each shrine is effectively equivalent to a medium sized puzzle room in a traditional dungeon. I’d say in BOTWs shrines you easily have 8 dungeons worth of dungeon like play spread out over the whole world.

Add in the 4 actual dungeons, which are very different in design t the traditional ones, and there’s plenty of material there. What seems to be the general feeling is that a lot of people miss the traditional dungeon design, the shrines aren’t (generally) interconnected, so the you don’t have that big payoff you used to get when you worked out a big dungeon.

Personally I think the shrines are one of the best things to happen to the series. I think they could be done better but I’d like them to stay. I’m happy to have a few traditional dungeons too, and half the number of shrines.

I would love a smaller quirky Majora’s Mask cousin to BOTW. It would be such a waste otherwise.


I’ve finished them both on normal first time of playing. Don’t play it like souls. You just need to master witch time and one combo and you’re laughing


Mario Rabbids hasn’t really captured my imagination. So despite never playing Skyrim, I’ve gone for that. Very different games though. If you want a strategy game that you can pick up for short bursts on transport, go for Mario. If you want an adventure game to get lost in and sink 100 hours at home into, go for Skyrim


I really enjoyed Rabbids, but then I love XCom. Your last two sentences are spot on really though, ultimately it’s down to which type of game you think you’re going to enjoy more/want to try out.


Think I’ll enjoy it when I get to it properly, but with a backlog of games, including most of Odyssey, to play, it hasn’t made me desperate to move it to the front of the queue


You’ll get way more for your money with Skyrim. As good as Mario Rabbids is it does get a lil bit tired and out stays it’s welcome after 6hours or so


Cripes! It’s a hung parliament, democracy simply doesn’t work.


This is DiS’s way of saying you can’t go wrong either way.




yes yes yes!


I can’t tell if you’re being serious here.

But since you generally have relentless optimism and positivity I’m going to assume you’re not. Keep fighting the good fight, mate cause your enthusiasm is contagious.


Ended up getting Enter the Gungeon and Subsurface Circular with my e-credits. Like how easy that was to spend, very no fuss.


But Tropical Freeze is one of the best reviewing platformers of all time and Mario Tennis has an RPG mode :frowning:


The guy was getting bored by Mario odyssey…there’'s no helping some people.




I’m annoyed that the six physical games I bought are worth so little