Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


The current conversion on digital games is pretty strong making it a pretty good loyalty scheme

At it’s basic core its buy 10 games get 1 free (of equal or less value)

5 full price titles and you can afford 1 £25 one


Usually cheaper than digital though, no? Still got the better deal really.


Didn’t know this…that could be exciting (I remember the GBA version being particularly good). Seems to be little fanfare around the release though…is that based on ultra smash for the Wii u (a game I haven’t played)? Mario Tennis and Mario Power Tennis were both :ok_hand:


Never played a diablo game. Might pick 3 up for PS3 as it’s like 2 quid


It’s the better deal for the game but the conversion rate is so stingy for the reward that it feels a bit worthless.


pretty sure it still looks and runs great on that, I used to have that version.


Finished Golf Story. That was fun.


  • Mario
  • Zelda

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Aye. I guess what I mean is just that I’ve probably saved about 20-25 on the Zelda and Splatoon digital prices, so I don’t personally begrudge the better deal for people who went that way. Others have obviously not done as well ( I bought offers well after launch) and the physical rewards don’t feel great regardless.


So I never registered my physical games. Ok to do so now?


I would assume so - haven’t tried any since the new scheme launched myself.


Yeah I did one the other day. Got fuck all for it.


Bought Skyrim and £15 eshop credit! With the voucher and reward points I had I’ve spent less than £20. Excellent day. Putting the purchase to a poll really worked out for me here, so I’m putting up another to help me solve my new tough choice. My next eshop purchase shall be;

  • Celeste
  • Owlboy

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Guys, I have £5.10 of gold coins! And choice paralysis of what to spend it on!

So, so tempted to drop £50 on Bayonetta 1 & 2. But not sure I should, given I’ve not bought Skyrim, MK8, Night in the woods, Rime, Celeste, Owlboy, Resident Evil Revelations or Severed yet. And I could also buy Zelda again at that price…





looks like you can get them both for £40 from here


That website has a release date of April 27th for Metroid Prime 4. :smiley:


No chance.




Night in tomorrow then…


What we thinking? Diablo?

Edit: hadn’t actually clicked the link :upside_down_face: