Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


I reckon… that Burnout remaster is coming to Switch. Lots of info on Kirby and Mario Tennis. Some surprise game you can download on Friday out of nowhere like Captain Toad. Third party fun, maybe GTAV port or confirmation that COD is coming. Maybe… Should know better than to bother guessing, but that’s half the fun!


Kirby & Mario Tennis are almost certain.
A couple of 3DS games that no-one expected because it’s supposed to be winding down.
Another Wii U port/remaster/update
Definitely would expect something third party, hard to say what though.
Do NOT expect anything about Metroid 4 or any other new “major” first party titles in this one.



  • Mario Tennis Aces in detail
  • Hyrule Warriors dated
  • Mario Odyssey DLC announced
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (apparently going to be named IIII, haha)
  • Burnout Paradise Remaster
  • Sonic Lost World remastered and ported
  • Mario Party 11


Would SEGA do this? I can’t see there being that much demand for a retread of that personally.

Had forgotten about Hyrule Warriors. Can’t make my mind up whether I want it or not… never played any of those kinds of games and hate the anime/fantasy look of the main series, but there’s something about this one that’s interested me for years.


It was well received and sold fairly well, but it’s a good idea for a port - I’d buy it. Looked a million times more interesting than Forces. And if they fixed the controls then it might be a good idea?

Jus t trying to think of ports of Wii U titles that’d sell well on the system.


Let’s add Wolfenstein 2 to the list - it might even get dated.


Prediction wise, Kirby and Tennis will take a chunk of the time, dates on Hyrule Warriors and FE I think too.
Not expecting a whole lot more besides that really, a couple of decent third parties and some cool looking indies too.

What I’d love would be Smash and F-Zero, but they are E3 level (if at all).

VC or some better indication of what paid online will actually look like would be great too.


Possibly. I was just thinking that Colours and Generations were received better that that and a non Christian Whitehead Sonic game may raise more questions than it answers in a direct.


I’d pay £40 for a Christian Whitehead 16-bit demake of Sonic Adventure. Holy shit. Fuck I’d kill for that.


One thought I did have around this… Thursday is the night that Nintendo deals and new releases tend to go up on the eshop. So maybe there’ll be a ‘And you can download it after this presentation’ reveal of something…


That’d be swell


Enter The Gungeon is really scratching that Binding Of Issac itch.

What a fantastic little game, great asphetic


It is real tough, but a great little game.


Direct tomorrow then. Edit: you’re well ahead of me


I think @vamos posted it up before Nintendo were aware.


A few rumours flying about Mario Odyssey dlc with first new kingdom out next month based on Luigi’s Mansion.
I’ll be happy enough for more info on The World Ends With You if nothing new/exciting gets announced.

In other news: Switch sold 3.8 million in Japan in its first year. Treble what PS4 did in its first year there.


As an aside, isn’t it lovely to live in an era where people are excited about Nintendo again? I was late to the party and never properly owned a Nintendo console until the end of the Wii’s lifetime, bar a brief month or so of owning an N64, but even back then, in the relatively barren years of Wii U, I still couldn’t keep up with all the cool shit that was coming out. Now, it’s insane.

I know no company is perfect, but it’s great to see people talking again about playing games with friends in the same room, innovative crossovers, random ideas made of cardboard and titles you can play as a 5 year old or 50 year old instead of EXP, overpriced DLC and dodgy loot crates.


The interesting thing is that in the early 1990s I was a SEGA fanboy. Big time.

And then I played the N64 and fell in love. I wish I’d owned one. I loved the Gamecube, and the few games I played on the Wii were great. Skipped the Wii U, but the Switch is utterly brilliant.

And the DS - oh boy, that is my favourite console of all time. I just wish my DS Lite still worked. Ah well.

I feel the buzz around the Switch is going to bleed over into the mainstream.


So was I. All about SEGA.

Seen 4 different people playing it on my train in the past few days. Never seen a single 3DS or Vita before.

When people start seeing others playing FIFA on their commute, I think the penny will drop for joe public. Year one was get the Nintendo die hards and kids on board. I see this year as convincing the mass population (Pokemon, Smash, new FIFA, COD port, classic remasters of 360 games etc) with year 3 full of titles like Metroid and hopefulyl F-Zero to reward the long term fans who have bypassed all the Wii U rereleases.


I was on a short flight a couple of weeks ago and had two rows of kids silently gawking at my screen as I played Mario Odyssey instead of kicking people’s seats and throwing tantrums. That shit doesn’t go unnoticed by parents.