Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


This is my first Nintendo console since the N64 and I’m absolutely loving getting caught up in the fanboyism again, ngl


So anyone for some Mario Kart before the Direct tonight?


Maybe? Can you watch the directs normally on the Switch? If not, where are they hosted?

I’ll be playing Rocket League too, if anyone fancies some ranked Party play too.


They normally have links updated on the News section shortly after.


My brother owned a SNES…I was young at the time so I only have vague memories, but it sowed the seed.

He bought an N64 on the day of his GCSE results…luckily for me he wasn’t at home much and was playing more PC games anyway so it essentially became my console. I was practically glued to that thing.

I got a GameCube on my 13th birthday…and had a similarly obsessed relationship.

Didn’t buy a Wii at first…but I’ve owned a few over the years (I sold a couple during tight financial times). Though it was innovative at the time…I still think it has a disappointing roster of games. A little too much focus on the motion detection stuff.

Played Mario Kart on a Wii U once

Getting a Switch soon

(Also owned a Gameboy, Gameboy colour, Gameboy advance and DS)

Can’t wait to be back on the Nintendo bandwagon.


Can you watch live though?


Don’t think so. I’ve always just watched on my tablet. I’ll check just in case, seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.


I’d be up for some mario kart for sure!


The link is here


Good man Bam. I’m thinking 9 to about 9.45.
Hopefully a few more jump in too.


Sweet, I’ll hop on if I’m having a shanner in Rocket League :smiley:


Apparently Mario Tennis is out June according to Euro Gamer


I saw that on Reddit, but many said that the date quoted is literally the last day of the year that’d be considered “spring”, and that Hyrule Warriors had the same date too, which is unlikely…

Either way, it looks like a day one purchase whatever day it is.

PS. I’m going to buy Zelda. <3


I’ll play some Mario Kart! :racing_car:


Hyrule Warriors in grand for what it is: big batch of beat em up with plenty of fan service thrown in. Put a lot of hours in on wiiu though. All the dlc free from the outset will add a tonne of content and save a lot of £.
Really hope Mario Tennis Aces is good. The wiiu version was a total shambles.


I’ll play if I remember and one of the kids isn’t hogging it


Can’t wait to have my bass paid off so I can buy a Switch.


Eurogamer appear to be drip feeding a bunch of new indie games for Switch. I expect a mini nindies segment tonight.


Eurogamer stream it and do a funny live critique of it. Or go to the official Nintendo YouTube channel. Or their Twitter just before.

If not, it’ll be on the Switch News page shortly after its over.


Sorry missed this!