Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


Celeste was a VERY GOOD CALL, Switch thread! :snowflake::grin::snowflake:




mario kart time?


If you’re watching the Nintendo Direct live and want to chat with other like minded DiSers please feel free to join our discord group!


Not for me tonight, been super busy and plan to watch the direct so using this time to listen to some choons


On now for Karting


Fuck I keep meaning to get into the Mario Kart, I always seem to be occupied. I’m free now and on my Switch but I’m glued to Celeste


We’re still Karting if you fancy.


Dude is playing Celeste. When you Celeste all you want to do is Celeste


Ah well Ce’leste vie! :grinning:




I’ll see myself out haha


Good Karting tonight folks. Thanks for playing.
You were on fire @Bamnan !


don’t normally get that lucky I swear! Felt a bit bad when I fired a shell behind me at the end and saw you spinning into last place :frowning: sorry, dick move!


That’s Mario Kart man. Live by the shell, die by the shell :grinning:




Wow, a Warioware game! Jesus, I wish I had a 3DS. :smiley:


Okami HD! :smiley:


Want Octopath even more now


@vamos - Captain Toad! :smiley: