Nintendo Switch - Fortnite DOES what Nintendont. Apparently you can just plug a headset into the switch for Fortnite and don't need a stupid phone app


Use your words is fun for £5 too. Basically a cross between Cards against humanity and Blankety Blank which you play via your smart phones.


Oh baby, oh yeah


Needed a break from Skyrim so got Doom. Not sure about it yet. I know it’s an achievement to be running on the Switch at all but it ain’t half blurry - looks worse than I was expecting actually. And it’s making me feel nauseous like the N64 all over again. Movement feels a bit off too, I’m using the pro controller and there’s a lot of dead space on the sticks. Movement doesn’t seem to register before about half way.

Still, it’s quite fun. 40 quid though… hmm.


Playing handheld? And downloaded the update? Ran loads better after that…


Playing on the TV. Would you say it’s better handheld? Not sure about the joy con sticks for a shooter but will give it a go tomorrow.


Nah, better on the TV I’d say. The small screen does gloss over a few of the imperfections though and the new motion controls help adjust your aim.

I’ve not got a PS4 to compare it to but coming from 360 to this, I thought it broadly looked great. Do think that it proves the Switch is way off being easy to port a taxing PS4 gameplay over to.


Just bought Shovel Knight. Been wanting to play this for ages!


The game looks solid for a tablet version of the game but Doom is a bloody looker on the PC/PS4/Xbone

Like one of the best looking games this generation. I still think the strength of the Switch is generally speaking the simpler games and don’t see FPS really getting much of an audience on the machine unless they modify the gameplay mechanics and general vibrancy of the visuals (more stylized, less technical)

I think the best ‘AAA’ games are going to be ports of past generation games or exclusives. Otherwise the console is a machine for Indie titles and not cross-platform ‘AAA’ games IMHO. That’s not where the appeal of the system is, if you have multiple machines and the means to play these games on a TV then you should probably get those versions.


Have fun. Really enjoyed this on wiiu and tempting to double dip. So much content.


Such a brilliant game.


This looks quite fun:


My wife went and surprised me with Zelda, so there you go.


See you in August!


Whilst you wait for Diablo 3 this is coming out for Switch and is meant to be pretty good


People who said bayonetta 2 is more accessible and casual friendly than 1- you were right.

People who said bayonetta 2 is less pervy than 1- ermmmmm not seeing it!

Brilliant game. Loki can do one though obviously.


So yeah yeah yeah Zelda is fun. Utterly bewildering mind you. Fucking cooking? Jesus.


I’m going to, a year late, add my thoughts about the first two hours of Zelda to this post, and then probably shut up about it.

  • So the world is fucking enormous. The map I have unlocked on the Platuea seems massive, and then I accidentally zoomed out on the overworld map and got a fright as to the size of it. Jesus. And it looks like I can see it all the whole time? How the fuck is the wee black box able to render this whole thing so well! Man, this is an impressive technical showcase.
  • My wife even said it loos amazing. Not really been a fan of cel shaded graphics after the perfect application of them in Jet Set Radio, but by god this game is a looker.
  • My first impressions were “where are the swords” and “why am I still naked?”. I am still naked, two hours in, but at least I’ve got a shit load of melee weapons. I have so far found the difficulty brutal. I have died about twenty times (thought four of them were falling off the big Tower; they’re a big of a night mare to get down from, aren’t they?) and five times in the cold before I realise what was happening. I assume that’s just me missing some tutorial, but it’s very off putting.
  • The physics shrines I’ve done (four I think) have added cool Portal style weapons that I’ve used a bit which is neat, but the button mapping is a nightmare - why the fuck are they using the R and L buttons, not the triggers, for those?! Jesus. The other two do nothing, so I don’t know what I am missing at this point.
  • I figured out cooking by accident, which was fun. They wee chime it plays as it cooks is fucking adorable. However, quite a lot of the time music will suddenly play and I won’t know why it has played. Sounds like a Level Up sound, but I don’t know what it means. Odd.

Full caveat - I’ve never played a Zelda game before, so all this is new to me.


Fwiw you could have basic clothes from the very start. If you want to know they’re in the chests in the shrine of ressurection


So, the clothes are hidden away? Ha, I’ll go back and get them at lunch. Weird. Was I supposed to know they were there? I am suddenly very worried that as someone who doesn’t know the tropes of a Zelda game I’m going to miss a lot of details.


Trigger buttons are for your arrows. I found the button mapping a bit of a nightmare at first, but once you’ve got used to it, it’s actually a really brilliant layout.