Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


There hasn’t been a console switch mid-generation before, but it maybe Blood Diamond and BlackBerry Pearl will come out on Switch and 3DS?

Using a new game engine for Switch and existing S&M engine for 3DS, maybe - the same game twice, effectively. There are still tons of 3DSs out there, and they’re selling well because of Pokemon.

Then Gen VIII will likely be Switch only.


Whole heap of rumours this week. Kinda sad we seemingly know so much about it in some respects…

Zelda will launch later in 2017 due to testing and localisation. But a new 3D Mario in which you explore more linear, 3D worlds is done and ready to ship day one. Works as a two player game too.

Pokemon Stars in development which will work with Sun & Moon save but be the first, dedicated home console Pokemon title in 20 years. Due late 2017.

Skyrim remastered is a launch title but that was held back from being announced to not impact on PS4 / Xbox One sales. Ubisoft working on a Rabbids / Mario RPG crossover.

Mario Kart will be an updated version of the Wii U version but with loads of new characters, tracks and a reworked battle mode. Smash supposedly being treated similarly. Splatoon will come bundled with the console in a push to make it a big esports title and support local network multiplayer.

Wave Race trademark just got registered this month interestingly. Sakurai admits he’s working on a new title too…


Gonna buy one in April fo sho


This combined with the price rumours is all very positive. Feeling an awful lot like a day one purchase to me.


See, on the one hand I’m super keen. Not crazy price it’d seem, limited gaming time so third party support doesn’t faze me, Nintendo supporting just one machine now, off screen play, multiplayer for when kids grow up a bit… And I’ve loved the Wii U.

BUT nearly all of these games so far are titles I’ve played to death already or can buy on Wii U in 2017. A new 3D Mario might change that school of thought but I don’t get why the world is so excited for this yet never bought a Wii U? More or less the same price too.

They’re fundamentally the same idea, just Switch is better implemented and the marketing cleverly avoided showing loads of kids playing it, unlike Wii U did…


I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy, and I didn’t buy a Wii U because I just never envisaged it being a success. I am aware that this is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Really looking forward to finally playing Splatoon and Mario Kart 8.


Well you’re in for a treat. Still play both games now, several years on. New Mario Kart tracks may genuinely be reason enough to get a Switch for some. The DLC they released for MK8 was some of the best months of online gaming I’ve experienced.

Splatoon is amazingly addictive too. Can lose hours playing it…


This for me too. Looking forward to finally having a new Nintendo toy after skipping the Wii U!


this is going to be another massive fucking clusterfuck.


Jan 12: Nintendo Switch presentation. Pretty hyped for this


Rumoured to come in at around 180 quid too


A bit tempted to get up at 4am to watch it.

A bit…


Very much so. I’ll get killed by my wife if I do though.


"Nintendo has only slated stores for 10-15 pre-order units per store (here we go again, NES classic all over again)"


isn’t that what happens with every console?


more importantly, new zelda and mario on launch! :heart_eyes:


Good news if true! I don’t know if I’ll get a switch at launch, but I’m definitely going to not buy Zelda on the Wii U, I have to imagine that version is going to have a much poorer framerate. Would love to be wrong on that though.

But my main worry with Zelda is that they’re rushing through the development to rush it out on time. Which would be very un-Nintendo but it seems like they’re willing to take more risks with this -


isn’t is also possible that it’s been ready for a while and they’re holding it back for the launch? has been in development for like 4 years.


which is what happened with twilight princess