Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


Aye timings tricky.


But then I couldn’t even stay on the track on rainbow road!

Only time for a couple of quick laps tonight. Next time!


So. I am in the room. But there is no else there.

Where are you all?

Edit that’s not true - there is someone else there… Wth


We are there


Same sheeldz! What is happening!


This has happened before when the game randomly splits off, so annoying.

Anyways I’m off. Sorry for taking it out on u last round @thesewoodenideas


Oh and now Mario Kart won’t launch at all :frowning:



That’s thee saddest thing I’ve ever seen :frowning:


damn I hate that excitebike track so much


No bother. Thanks for playing.
I’m going to leave n come back


Back to Rocket League


One of my favourites that.


That was ace guys. Cheers.
I’ve had that split room issue before. What a pain.
Same time next week please.


It’s most peoples, which is worse for Bam because it always gets all the votes lol


Smokers outside Mario kart door?


damn that was crushing


always end up blowing it on the last lap out of nerves ,try to do too tight a drift. Them’s the breaks!

Good fun guys, cheers


Sorry mate. Good games though.


I left and went back there. Which of you is Michael?