Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread




I’m up for another few races if you like or if anyone else wants t play on


Some good discounts on the eshop on Death squared, Thumper, Thimbleweed Park and Severed.


Fuck missed this.


That really was excellent.
Never has a game been so frustrating, but without diminishing the pure joy and fun.


I need to do this but don’t have another controller at the moment and don’t want to be without my switch for however long it takes.


yeah I have the pro controller so I wasn’t that fussed. will let you know how long it takes anyway!


Struggling to commit to a game properly right now. Doing dribs and drabs in Mario Odyssey (580 moons), Rocket League & Splatoon 2 online, DOOM campaign and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Nearly bought another 2 games last night, despite that and having 4 untouched downloads. What is wrong with me…


i had this with one of mine and Nintendo fixed it fairly rapidly once it was booked in

I had 2x sets of joycons though


Nothing wrong with you at all.

That said, I’m absolutely stoically refusing to buy all the games I want to avoid getting in that situation. I think Splatoon 2 is next on my list, but I need to get Stardew at least reasonably out of my system first. It’s nearly Winter!


I am going to get Spaltoon 2, so my other two mates who I coerced into getting Switches can play with me. I’ve not played it.

This thread is making me very scared of Stardew Valley.


You know how Civilization is notorious for that “just one more turn” feeling? Stardew has that, except each day lasts about 15 minutes. Also includes :hatching_chick::duck::cow::horse::rabbit2::goat:.


Yeah, I’m going to have to hard pass. I’d lose my wife, my kids, and my job.


But you’ll have your virtual wife (penny forever waifu) virtual farm and virtual ducks to take care of so you won’t have a big gaping hole in your life to fill.


hope we have another Mario Kart soon that was truly excellent


I’m the same at the moment. I’ve generally been playing an hour or 2 of Mario or Zelda, then having a few games of Rocket League, then playing a day of Stardew Valley before bed.


yeah it was great - sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole hour. I need to get some practice in again though - rocket league has messed with my kart skillzz


I think the Mario Kart room has been changed for 2 hour sessions now? The next scheduled one is Thursday night if anyone fancies another few races.


I might pop in on Thursday. Missed last night’s game as I had trouble getting kids asleep.


How many did we get last night?